Wednesday, 6 August 2014

30th July 2014 - Ain't got no manners!

Ah, Wednesday - the sign that the week is coming to a close!

Insert the usual "no gym, got up for work blah blah" that I usually spout at the beginning of my posts.

I got to work and guess what? The computers actually worked for once! Shocking, I know! So I was able to have a productive morning. That morning was made even better by a little email I received!

I WON A COMPETITION! Even better, a Whedon competition! Even better than that, I get notified that I won a Whedon competition on #Whedonsday! This is awesome!

I've won a Joss Whedon biography! There were 3 to win and I was one of them! WHOOP!

This put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! Even when "Kevin" from "Microsoft" called from India to tell me that someone was trying to access my PC and get all my sensitive data. Yeah, they've called before but they're calling the work number. I believe them as far as I can throw them! He was the least sounding 'Kevin' that I've ever heard. I just told him that his information is incorrect as we use macs. He hung up.

We don't use macs.

Coincidentally, about 10 minutes later our system went down! Yes - it's a coincidence, I don't believe in that scam whatsoever! If it's true and someone is trying to get my sensitive information, then that just means that our IT isn't up to scratch!

We were down for a good long while. Not amused.

Taken from Reaction Gifs

Yep. This isn't good. Every single chuffing day!

We were down for about an hour again and when it came back there were all sorts of irritating errors which were driving us potty. Still, at least we were back. I thought I'd installed adware at one point as well, but I don't think it was me. Phew. IT are taking ages to give me a new email (our company changed names well over a year ago and I still have the old email address in my maiden name) but if I mention adware they're on it quicker than...something really quick.

We got to the end of the day without too much drama. Was looking forward to getting in and having a chilled out evening in the company of #Whedonsday goodness.

I wasn't disappointed!

From Tumblr
Well if you insist, Leonard!

We did watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer! We started season 4! We also watched the start of season 1 of Angel, which is also the first acting job of one Josh Holloway who played Sawyer in Lost as something like 'Handsome Vampire'!

Paul made beef fajitas and we had a good and messy time eating them!

They were diet fajitas, which is even better! Meant we could eat more of them have pudding afterwards!

It was a good evening, made even better by the spark of inspiration that is going to see Guardians of the Galaxy next week! Promising! Hope it comes off!

Paul has to be up early in the morning, so it wasn't a late night and once Chris left, we went straight to bed!



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