Sunday, 10 August 2014

3rd August 2014 - All about the moggies!

Neither Paul or myself slept particularly well last night. I'm blaming my grumpiness and Paul wasn't feeling too well. Not good.

Waking hours, however, seemed to fly by!

I remembered I had loads of washing to do, so put some on to dry and thought I'd take a picture of my handiwork from yesterday!

Carpet! There's a carpet! There's also a cat in a box! Who'd have thunk something so shocking could happen?! Plus, check out the laserbeam eyes!

Cat in a box! Cat in a box! Cat in a box! Loads more cat hair on the carpet so I already need to vacuum again!

 While sorting out piles of crap yesterday, I found a load of old phones that were just hanging around. We decided to see how much we would get for them on one of those 'send them to us and we'll pay you for them' sites. Yeah. The one in the top middle is worth, at it's most, 30p! The one on the right and across the bottom (Paul and I had the same phone at one point!) is worth about £3.27 or so and the one on the right about £7. Yeah.

Shocking that they aren't worth more! I still use the Xperia as my alarm clock though and emergency smart phone, so getting less than a fiver for the other 3 isn't really worth sending them anywhere! But what to do with them?!

Maia doesn't care. She's too busy snoozing. It's hard being so beautiful!

 AW! I just want to kiss that face!

 I decided that my bedroom needed a bit of a declutter so proceeded to sort a load of bits that had accumulated...everywhere...for the rest of the day.

Maia decided it was dirty work and that I needed a wash.

Google kindly made a gif of it for me! Thanks!

Bless my baby girl!

I forgot! Yesterday I downloaded an app for the iPad for the cats to play with! Neither of them were interested yesterday so today I thought they needed to play!

Blurry Maia watched the dot with great interest but had no desire to get it.

 Barney wasn't interested in the slightest..


 Paul was good at it, though!

 I decided that while I was decluttering, I'd clean my dressing table and sort all that out. It seems to get messy and dusty really quickly!

I grabbed a couple of folding boxes to put everything in while I cleaned and popped downstairs to grab a duster. I came back to this.

I think someone knows she shouldn't be in there!

I got it all clear and tidy but the bedroom still needs more work. It used to take me ages to tidy my room when I was the only one living in it, but now there's a Paul and two's too difficult!

After I had had enough, I went downstairs to keep Paul company who was doing some work stuff. We ended up having a bit of a Stargate marathon from the beginning, as it's free to stream on Amazon Prime. This also cements my status (in Paul's opinion) as the Best Wife Ever. I have promised to watch it. Now there's just no excuse!

Stargate Sundays may end up being a thing. There are 10 series. It may take a while!

We had chicken burritos (Paul is into this Mexican thing at the minute) and we watched tv. Til later than we probably should have. Oops.

Taken from io9
You're welcome, Paul.



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  1. congrats to Paul for being so good at that game ;)

    I love the licking gif