Monday, 11 August 2014

4th August 2014 - Times they are a changin'

It wasn't a great night's sleep but when the alarm went off I was awake and ready and up for the gym! However, Paul wasn't as he had slept worse than me, so we went back to sleep. To be honest, I wasn't too disappointed! The only difficult part was deciding who was going to get up first to get into the shower. Always a tough one to choose!

It's made especially difficult when Barney is snuggled up to you on his Barney cushion being all purry and cute!

This is why we get very little sleep sometimes.

Awwww, right?!

Yeah, that's Paul's pillow on the left, smooshed up to the Barney cushion. Then there's a rather rotund Barney bum and tail taking up a fair bit of my pillow!

For the full, kingsize bed pillow effect, voila!

Yes, cute. Just no room for my head without getting whacked across the face by that tail!

I usually move his tail and snuggle up to his chunky butt. He does like that! Or, I'll put my head on the Barney cushion and let him curl up around me! Cute!

Anyway, the time came to work. I brought a load of the shredding in to put in our boxes to clear out. Good job they were emptied on Friday as they much be at least half full now! Ooops!

So today is D-day. My job kinda changes today to something that I'm not so keen on. I had that bit of training on Friday afternoon but after all that I'm still not really any the wiser. I have no choice but to do the work that I am given, even though I'm going to be soooooo bad at it! I have never had any desire to be a lawyer (and I was a MASSIVE fan of Ally McBeal) or deal with files at all. Now that's what I have to do from the very start until they reach a certain point when an experience file handler (A) will take over.

You'd think they'd ease me in, wouldn't you? Nope. I was given 6 cases. The first two I came to were so far beyond anything I have even the slightest knowledge about.

Taken from Tumblr
Yes, shirtless Oliver Queen, I frowned a LOT today. Trying to make sense of why I had been given these cases which were clearly not straight forward in any way. I forwarded them to the chap who did our training on Friday and he took one away from me as it was really not something for us to deal with here and the other doesn't go on the scheme I was trained for but under another scheme. That's nice. I have no idea how to do this other scheme. No help with that one either. I've put it to one side as I haven't got a clue.

Bear in mind, T is on holiday for the next two weeks so it's down to me to suffer through all of this on my own. I may have felt like crying at one point, I'm not going to lie. Probably because my desk was covered in paperwork while I tried to work out a script and I could phrase any of it right. Not good. :(

I stuck it out and tried to deal with the other cases which, again, aren't straight forward but are a tiny bit easier than the others. I then gave up and did some typing. It's my cop out. It's there to be done so I should do it, right?!

Paul picked me up and we went home. I really wanted to sit and sulk but instead took the ironing board into my newly tidied spare room to do the ironing. I wasn't the most productive at it, which I'm now kicking myself about a little. I was getting distracted by Maia though!

IT'S A CAT IN A BOX! AGAIN! She was being all cute and roly-poly in it, doing forward rolls and purring her little head off! Far more fun to play with than the iron.

Time came for dinner (chicken and salad) and we watched last night's True Blood, which was a litle awkward, then we watched an episode of Stargate before I admitted defeat and wanted to go to bed. I could tell I was bed - it was about 20 degrees c outside and I was cold. I had a blanket over me to warm me up. I'm not on form.




  1. sorry about the job, that really kind of sucks. Sucks more because it seems you aren't sure how to handle it and I imagine that the outcome might not be what it might have been if someone who knew how to handle it was handling it.. not to say you aren't capable.. just that this is a legal thing and that kinda

    ok, I'm going to shut up now cause I don't see a way out of this that doesn't end in my saying you are so going to lose..

    1. Hahaha, It's ok. It SUCKS but I know what you mean.

      I have to man up and get on with it! :) Working on it!