Tuesday, 12 August 2014

5th August 2014 - It's only Tuesday. How?

Paul had to be up early this morning. I probably should have got up to do some stuff instead of lazing in bed for as long as was allowed. I didn't. Lazing in bed is far more appealing to me.

This says it all for me at the minute. My mood and my salvation! Can't beat a big mug of tea! So much I had two of them before I went to work!

Ah, work. My favourite place.

It was a very lonely day today, with T being off. A barely spoke more than 20 words to me today. Naturally it was a very quiet day and I really didn't like it. Even having the radio on didn't make it very pleasant for me today.

The best bit of my day was when a cute little 3 year old boy (the grandson of one of our investigator people) gave me a chocolate heart. Aw!

I can't bring myself to eat it! I just want to look at it and think that at least someone likes me in the office right now!

After work I headed home. Paul had yoga after work so I had the house to myself for a while. I watched Arrow on Paul's iPad and did some more ironing. I still haven't finished. I'm really slow at this, aren't I?!

We ate omelette when Paul got back and watched an episode of Stargate. It was a complicated one. I didn't really understand it. I think I was mostly a bit tired to be honest. Being on your own and not talking to anyone all day really drains you. Makes you feel really miserable. I can't believe I still have another 8 days of this. It's going to be a long two weeks. HURRY BACK, T!

Paul read a little. I just wanted to sleep.

Bit of a short post I'm afraid. It's one of those days.

Oh, I FINALLY got a new email address at work. It was caroline@oldcompanyname.co.uk. We changed company name over a year ago. It's taken them this long to sort it out and I've missed some important emails. I'm now caroline.kirkham@companyname.co.uk. When it was set up, it was still my maiden name. I've only been married 11 months (on Thursday)...that got sorted out pretty darn quick!



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