Thursday, 14 August 2014

7th August 2014 - Pointful Pretty Things

The alarm went off. I got up. Paul got up. We went to the gym.

Cue shocked faces from readers. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

It was good! I went on the cross trainer for a while, did some planking and stretched out well! Pleased with my work!

Then had to get the motivation to go to work. Nope - think I used it all up on getting up and going to the gym!

It was made especially difficult by this:

Barney belly. It got a good kissin', don't you worry. He didn't even kick me one little bit! I call that progress!

Work was busy but I think I did ok. Stuff didn't want to work as usual, but as there was only me to complain to, there was no point in complaining.

Plus I'd brought myself a little something to brighten up my desk.

Pretty! Ok, so it's technically on T's desk, but I'm sure she'd like it too! The stem had broken on it on the bunch of flowers Paul bought me at the weekend, so I thought I'd rescue in and bring it to work for the pretty! I'm glad I did.

After work I went home (given a lift by D from upstairs...yep - she doesn't understand my sense of humour at all and practically jumped down my throat when I mentioned that the cats were on a diet. Get over it!) and spoke with my parents for a little while until Paul got home. We then went to get a few bits from the shops and find ourselves something for dinner.

When we got back I had been commissioned to make a wedding card for a friend of Lucy's. As she liked Boyd's card so much, she asked me to make something similar.

I had used up some of the letters I needed so had to order more, but the basics are there. I'll keep you posted on how I get on!

Not a bad start. Just a little short on Ms!

We watched a couple of episodes of Arrow then headed to bed. We were both tired so bed was very welcome!



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