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8th August 2014 - 8 Years of Mama and Moo!

8 years ago it was a normal Tuesday morning. I had the day off work, only needing to go to the pub (I worked at The Hog's Head in Liverpool at the time) for a management meeting in the afternoon. I had my usual lie in that I needed in those days after a night shift when I received a phone call from a very nice lady at the RSPCA in Halewood.

My old landlady and I had been there on the previous Saturday to scope out a new little friend for us after our last cat, Suki, went out one day (June 15th 2006. England were playing Trinidad and Tobago in the World Cup and it was a 5pm kick off  so I was in work all day sorting things out for a mental evening) and we never saw her again. Landlady was spending a lot of time at her boyfriend's house and asked me if I was lonely since Suki disappeared. I said yes and she agreed we could get another cat! We went to a local cats home who had lots of cuties but they didn't sound very enthusiastic about letting the cat go to a small terraced house with no garden. :( So we found the RSPCA, which was a little trek away and headed up there. There were loads of kitties there and a few cute little kittens but Landlady didn't want a kitten. She wanted a cat.

Then we saw this incredibly timid tabby with the brightest green eyes you have ever seen. She was so scared and hiding under the ramp to get to the inside of the enclosure. It was love at first sight for both of us! 'Mia' had only been found a few days earlier in one of the staff's garden. She hadn't been getting any food by the looks of things and she was approximately 6 months old or so.

Landlady put a deposit on her, a nice lady from the RSPCA came to visit us to have a look around the house and she said she couldn't believe that the person at the cats home didn't rate sending a cat to come and live in a house like ours. She said that smaller houses actually mean that the cats are more likely to get more attention! That was on the Monday. The next day I could go and get her!

I got the bus to Halewood and waited for someone to come and assist me. In the meantime I wandered around other enclosures and would have probably taken at least 2 more cats (I can only remember one - a gorgeous grey tabby with half of one of it's ears missing. Poor thing. Was so gorgeous!) then paid the rest of the adoption fee, got 'Mia' in the box and got a taxi home!

She was all mine! Sort of. Of course, I had to go out so I left her to get acquainted with the house when I went to my management meeting. I came back to find Landlady force-feeding her taramasalata. YEAH. "I mean, Suki liked taramasalata, but this one isn't even showing interest". Stupid cow. Feeding my cat prawn dip.

'Mia' who became Maia after about a week (I didn't like the way Landlady said was shrill) never forgave Landlady and used to pee on her clothes and hide from her. I didn't like Landlady either so found it hilarious.

I can't find the pictures I took of Moo when I first got her. The earliest ones I can find were from mid-December, so about 4 months later.

She hasn't changed a bit!

High Five!
Maia, taking selfies since 2006!
 Speaking of selfies, here's one from today!

My  front camera is RUBBISH!

Happy anniversary Maia! It's been the BEST 8 years! Here's to at least 8 more! :) :) :)


It was another morning when I really didn't want to be in work. It's getting to be a familiar feeling, not wanting to leave the house.

I did, though and the day was pretty productive. Next week is going to be mental, I can tell. For today, at least, I could just get on with everything.

I was also visited by a balding magpie.

It was by itself as well. Those who are superstitious should know I did salute it. I don't think it liked me very much.

After work I headed home and relaxed, pretty much for the rest of the evening.

Taken from Tumblr.
Well, Wallace, you want to know my plans for a Big Friday Night? I went and had a bath, which was most relaxing. I then came downstairs, we had dinner and watched Stargate for the evening. That's it! Crazy Friday night for me there!


It made me laugh. A lot.

Just so you know, Mr Garcia, I now do this as well. All the time. I think Paul is already a bit fed up of it, if I'm honest!



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  1. Happy Gotcha day!!

    LOL@ Groot. I adored the end of that movie when rerooted Groot was dancing