Saturday, 16 August 2014

9th August 2014 - Visitors at the end of Summer!

Saturday morning! I came to bed quite early last night as I was so tired and I was awake at a reasonable time this morning.

We lay in bed for a while drinking tea and listening to the radio, but we did have to get up as there were things to do! The house needed some straightening out  so we got on with it!

Mum and Dad came to visit today! Yay! They haven't actually been to our house since just before Christmas, which is a long time ago! I don't think they wanted to see us, probably more like the cats!

When they got to ours we went out for lunch to a local pub and ate some traditional pub grub! I only took a picture of mine! I had a 'Ploughmans Platter' and it was MASSIVE!

It was lovely but I officially only ate half of it! The slabs of pie and cheese were pretty epic! I gave Paul some of it but still brought a whole slab of cheese and a slice of ham home!

We came home and chatted for a while, Mum wanted to play with Barney who was not obliging! Paul and Dad were watching cricket!

It was a good day but I was feeling a little sleepy from such a large lunch!

After they left, we decided to go back out again and enjoy what's probably going to be the last of the summer sun. We get the remains of a hurricane here tomorrow so we went back to the pub we went to for lunch and sat in the beer  garden for a little while!

Those aren't our dirty glasses there. We just took a dirty table!

Much better!

We sat out for a little while, looking for something to do for our anniversary, but when the sun went behind the building, the wind was a little nippy, so we went inside.

We decided to go on a little trip to Somerset for our wedding anniversary so booked a cute little b&b near the beach! Exciting! I haven't been to Somerset for a very long time and we've been meaning to go for many years but have never made it!

We chilled for a while in the pub then headed home for dinner. I was getting quite cold outside so we couldn't get back quick enough in my opinion!

We had pasta bake for dinner and watched more Stargate! Well, we have 10 seasons to get through and we're nowhere near finishing season 1 yet!

Paul went to bed earlier than me (and remembered he needed to put sheets on the bed as we'd stripped it!) but I wasn't far behind. Fingers crossed the storm isn't too loud overnight so we get a decent sleep!



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