Thursday, 18 September 2014

11th September 2014 - Blah.

Going back to work after time off sucks.

Both Paul and I said to each other before we even could be bothered to get out of bed, that we wished we had taken the whole week off work, rather than going back on a Thursday. Stupid Thursday.

So in I went. It was...ok. So very busy but ok. Trying to get on top of everything that had gone on whilst I had been off wasn't the most fun ever but I got on with it as best I could. Loads more tomorrow. Terrific.

We had an in-house meeting first thing to discuss what we wanted to get done and where we were at. We were given the opportunity to get things off our chest if we needed to but we had pretty much already done it so all was well.

I wish I had been given the opportunity to bring more stuff up later on but never mind!

Paul picked me up from work and when I got home I had to keep on tidying and getting things done. Downstairs was getting most of the attention from me and I was pretty satisfied with my evening's work.

We had dinner and watched some tv, then Paul did the washing up and I pulled out the futon and mattress to air for our guests tomorrow night.

How comfy does that look?!'s not. Spoiler.

Turns out it wasn't going to get aired. It was going to get slept on. By a certain house panther.

Belly up! It's his bed now!

After the finishing off of our jobs, we headed to bed, hoping for a decent sleep.



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