Friday, 19 September 2014

12th September 2014 - Rocking All Over the North West!

Had all good intentions of getting up and going to work early this morning. Then remembered that Mum and Dad were coming to stay, so needed to make sure everything would be ready for them! They would be coming over while I was at work, so I couldn't even rush home after I finished at 5 to make sure things were spick and span. Nope - all pre-8:15am!

I think I left it relatively acceptable. They didn't complain.

It was a bit of a mad day at work, getting things done, so really didn't have chance to think about everything, which is good! It was stressful though, but hey - what day isn't these days?!

When I got home, Mum and Dad were chilling. They couldn't work out how to switch the tv on though. Didn't think to text me or anything, just sat in silence! Random!

We had a chat then started to get ready to go out. Plans for the evening and all that. I introduced Mum to Fizz Friday, but she didn't seem that taken with it. Plus with 4 of us, the fizz didn't stretch very far. At least there was some fizz, which makes a change from usual.

Tonight was two of my cousins' birthday party! One turned 30 and the other 40 within a few weeks of each other, so they held a joint a golf club in the middle of nowhere!

We caught up with the extended family and got a drink...then discovered that they had a live band doing karaoke! Normally I would have been in line with no problems but my voice hasn't been right since I had a cold a few weeks ago and can barely talk, let along sing.

Which makes me really unhappy. I'd have totally done it!

I just had to drink and take pictures/video instead!

My cousin Daniel (30th birthday boy) was up first with his girlfriend Kristina. They sang the Amy Winehouse version of Valarie.

Fun fun fun. Then it was my lovely cousin Adam's turn!

He sang at our wedding. We know he can do this!

In fact, instead of all the pictures I took, how about a gif that google made for me?

He sang "Rockin' All Over the World" by Status Quo. He was ace!

The funniest part of that gif is this still image...

Their faces crack me UP!

You rock, Ads!

Then, my cousin Nicola (40th birthday girl!) took to the stage with my cousin Karen, singing "Torn" by Natalie Imbgruglia.

More gifs, google? Well, go on then!

My favourite sill from the set...this one!

Of course, the family were all on the sidelines, cheering them on!

After all the singing fun, it was time for cake! For course!

Icing effigies of the birthday peeps! Complete with flags of the places that they have been! Great idea!

Yep - full of chocolate-y goodness!

It was lush as well!

My cousins were trying to get me to go up and sing with them but it was getting a bit late and unless it was the next song, I couldn't do it. It wasn't, so we left. My Dad was getting a bit antsy to get home as he was sober and we couldn't necessarily be classified as the same!

We got home and Paul was in the house before we even registered the same. We walked into the house and Paul presented my Dad with a well-earned glass of red!

We stayed up and shared the bottle but then headed to bed as it was going on for 1am! Dirty stop outs!

Fun though! :)



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