Sunday, 21 September 2014

14th September 2014 - Napping and Nipping!

Barney did not believe that I should be allowed to sleep last night. It's naughty and not permitted.

He stomped on me a LOT. Hmph.

So I had a bit of a lazy morning. Paul didn't, though. He went for a good long run with Imaginary Iwan!

I did some blogging and drank tea, mostly!

Apparently I also took pictures of Maia's paws. I do love them so! I have this view under my laptop tray quite frequently! The fur on the bottom is so soft! I love it when she lets me stroke them!

I did eventually get up! Paul got back from his run and needed to get ready pretty quickly as he had football to get to!

I did more washing and some cleaning up in the kitchen but was then a little bored. So I decided to make some toys for the cats!

Inspired by Connie's blog post the other day, I grabbed some of my craft stuff and made some hessian cat nip...things. They're not balls...I don't know what they are. Will think of a name!

Maia wasn't so fussed about it but it sent Barney a little bonkers! It was very funny!

I made a couple of them and I have no idea where either of them are now! Which is good!

I watched last week's first episode of Strictly Come Dancing where we discovered who is coupled with whom and then moved downstairs to see if there was anything on tv. There wasn't. Rubbish! So I started watching 'Ripper Street' which is good but not jovial Sunday afternoon entertainment!

Paul got back quite late from the football where his team won for the first time in ages! WHOOP! We had fake Nand0s for dinner (which is a bit naughty but so nice) and watched more X Factor. It really is nearly Christmas now that's back. Depressing.

We meant to head to bed but Paul wanted to watch Match of the Day. I left him to it and came to bed on my own. He wasn't far behind me.



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