Monday, 22 September 2014

15th September 2014 - Crazy!

We didn't get a lot of sleep but what we did get was good. So good that we got up and went to the gym.


So proud of ourselves, we went to work with the smug glow of people who have got stuff done!

Then the real madness started! For the first time in...a bloomin' long time, we had a full office. Too full, in fact, so I was relegated to my laptop on whatever desk space I could find. We had two ladies in helping with some calls that need making (both former Police Intelligence Officers...they have some interesting stories) and also a lovely young lady on work experience for a week! Great...but makes the day very difficult!

It was not helped by the fact that our connection to the work system was down until about 1pm. That's a long time to entertain and teach a work experience person! Luckily for me, she was finding anything that I was throwing at her quite interesting!

After work, I headed home and sorted a few things out but really just felt like doing nothing all evening. So I did. Nothing! Paul had treated himself to a new ipod, so he had to put some tunes on it. I just sat! As did Maia.

 I had neatly folded those towels and cloths to put away. Maia didn't want me to, it seems!

"MWAHAHAHAHA, MAMMA! Your're too soft to move me from this pile so will just have to stand there and wait for me to move my paws so you can get on with your chores!"

True story. I need man up!



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