Tuesday, 23 September 2014

16th September 2014 - Damp.

You will probably gasp and faint and think I'm telling porkies when I tell you that we got up and went to the gym AGAIN this morning! Two days in a row! I KNOW!

I'm very proud of us. Even though my legs feel like jelly!

We got up and got ready for work when I noticed that the dehumidifier was full. No, scrap that. Not just full - overflowing. All over my carpet.

I had put it on the lid to a plastic box and that was so full (and flimsy) that I struggled to get it to the bath to empty it. So I spilt water on myself and all over the bathroom floor. It's about 8:30am at this point. Great. Guess we've found a use for the old litter tray when we eventually switch it back on again...just in case!

I put a load of towels down and put the dehumidifier onto the bathroom mat, all switched off and empty. We'll leave her for a few days to dry out and try to work out why she isn't automatically switching off when full.

Nasty evil dehumidifier, doing the opposite of your job. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO MAKE STUFF DRY!

I went to work and had another mental day in the office with the work experience girl! She's very bright and managed to get to grips with everything we taught her quite quickly. I just miss my desk!

I also fell up the stairs which wasn't bit or clever. My wrist is now a little bruised. Dufus.

After work I came home and did some ironing on my soggy carpet! It's not that bad and it hasn't soaked through to the ceiling downstairs but it's just annoying! Towels everywhere!

I got about 2/3rds of the ironing done, which is good as I really didn't want to do any, then settled in downstairs to watch some Stargate before bedtime, which is becoming a tradition I think!



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