Wednesday, 24 September 2014

17th September 2014 - Foamy!

What should have been a beautiful lie in this morning was ruined by Paul having to go to work early for a do. Not impressed. Stupid work.

I got to work slightly earlier instead to get some stuff done before I had to give up my desk. Could have done with a lot longer than I had but that's my own fault for not getting up earlier!

I came home and did a small bit of sorting out before the evening's entertainment! Yes, it's #Whedonsday once more!

For dinner, Paul made Meatloaf in a spicy tomato sauce with green veg!

 The sauce was a lot hotter than we usually have. Must have got an extra hot chilli this time, but it was good! The lemon torte we had for pudding helped cool the mouth!

Our first ep of Buffy this evening was one of our personal favourites - just for being a bit daft more than anything else!

Key lessons learned from it, I think. It talks about about The ID and that the mind wants what the mind wants!

More importantly...

From Tumblr
From Tumblr

Very important lessons. We did, in fact, have foamy beer and we loved every second of it! :)

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After Chris left it was time for bed! We're such lightweights!



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