Thursday, 25 September 2014

18th September 2014 - Turf Wars!

Another morning spent in the gym! BOOM! 3/3! Sadly we can't go tomorrow but if we could, we would! Proud of us!

Again, I went to work a little earlier than I normally would to get some stuff done before people got in.

Today went really quick in the office, which was nice! I suppose there are plus points to being so busy! I wish every day could go that quickly!

Sadly, my voice decided to leave me today pretty much completely. I need to go on voice rest. Which is nearly impossible for me in my job. I'm a bit afraid it's not going to ever come back. I've had this problem before, about 10 years ago. Wonder if I can get a doctors note to stop me from having to be on the phone all the time?


I decided that I needed to get the ironing done tonight, as I hate it hanging around. There was far too much washing this week so I got all but two bits of ironing to be done.

I did get some entertainment whilst I was ironing. Barney and Maia were fascinated also!

Beautiful boy on the window!

He's hiding the real entertainment though!

The ginger and white one has been hanging around a lot more recently. The black and white one is a talker. A very loud talker. I don't think I've heard a noise quite like it! The ginger and white one was not happy with the black and white one. Think it's a bit of a bully.

It knocked the ginger one off the wall and took a chunk of it's fur with it. I shouted at it. It didn't run away, it just glared.

Bad kitty.

Then it was time for dinner, tv and sleep. Same old same old.



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