Monday, 8 September 2014

1st September 2014 - Happy Half Birthday, Edward! :)

My gorgeous little nephew is 6 months old today! YAY!

Photo stolen from Annabel's facebook!
I just love his little smile! It makes me so happy! My current favourite picture (which pretty much changes every single time my bro or Annabel posts a new picture) is this one:

Photo stolen from Michael's facebook (I think)
We bought him that cardigan! I love it! Such a happy little boy!


Taken from Tumblr

How is it September already?! Wasn't it only just my birthday?!

Anyway, we had a little lie in the morning and didn't gym. Instead straight to work and a busy day was had. Nothing particularly interesting happened. I had a productive day!

I came home and fed the cats as I usually do. I then noticed another daft thing Barney does.

Why eat from the front of the bowl, where the side is low and it's easy to get to, when you can eat over the high side?!

Cats are weird.

I then decided to tackle the ironing as there isn't a lot and I wanted to get it done.

The iron had other ideas. I don't think it wanted to be disturbed today. I got most of the work done but as I was rearranging a sleeve, it decided to attack me.

It fell on my hand.

It hurt.


I feel like that dude out of Home Alone!

Taken from Hero Wikia
I know it's not on my face, but I feel as though it's just as obvious!

We had dinner and I sat and felt sorry for myself for a while.

As soon as the heat in my hand started to fade we went to bed. That's that!



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