Saturday, 27 September 2014

20th September 2014 - Lazy Day!

I made it to bed around 1am. Then was wide awake from about 6. This isn't fun!

I did try to get some more sleep but it just wasn't happening. So there was me complaining about last week being up at 8am. Today was usual work o'clock. On a Saturday. Hmph.

I did the washing and a few other things but we decided early on that today would be a day of nothing. We would do as we pleased and rest as much as we could. So we did!

Paul did some shopping and then watched sports. I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Again. It's good.

After the sports, Paul had bought us some BluRay delights to watch. We settled on 'Catching Fire' as we haven't seen it since we went to the cinema to watch it!

It was just as long as I remember it but very good. Mockingjay Part 1 is out in November, so that's good!

We also ate pasta and vegetables (Paul is running tomorrow) and watched X Factor.

We both were getting tired. I headed to bed and Paul watched Match of the Day then came up too.



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