Monday, 29 September 2014

22nd September 2014 - Tasty Treats

We decided not to gym this morning. I had a REALLY bad nights' sleep and was not in any way willing to get out of bed! Paul was working from home so I realy had to get myself up and really wasn't enthusiastic about doing so!

I also remembered that today is a special day in TV history! It's 10 years since Oceanic Flight 815 disappeared on it's way from Sydney to LAX! *Nerd Alert*

Yeah, I have Walt's ticket. It was a gift. True story!

From Tumblr

It was a very busy day in work today. I got my desk back for all of 5 minutes but then T's computer broke. Completely decided that it didn't want to work any more. So I was kind and generous and gave T my machine (as it has dictation software on it for her) and I went onto one of the crappy spare machines we have that are the office equivalent of a Commadore 64 I think! The internet connection is dial-up slow!

The day was very slow and uneventful. I miss my desk! Looks like I'm going to be homeless again for a week! Meh. Means I can't gossip all day I suppose so I might get my voice back!

Paul picked me up from work (I like it when he works from home) and I sorted a few things out around the house. He had cooked dinner whilst at home and as it was slow cooked it was ready at the right time!

We had a meal called Pork Adobada, cooked in our tagine!

We haven't eaten this for years. It didn't take like I remembered it. It was far more rich than I recall and a bit too tangy for me to eat very quickly, but it was tasty and I ate it all!

Doesn't half mess up the tagine though!

We watched some tv, then Paul had to pack as he's going away tomorrow night. Boo. Which means we have to be up really early tomorrow morning. Double Boo.



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  1. well that is an impressive gift and worthy of a blog post.. ;)