Monday, 1 September 2014

25th August 2014 - Bank Holiday Beep-day!

Another fairly lazy day. I felt REALLY crappy today. Stupid head cold. My throat hurt and my sinuses really were not my friends. Stupid head.

So instead of being productive, as I had promised myself I would be, the only thing I could bring myself to do was have another lazy bed day to try to recover. Future self may not be impressed that she has all this work to do next weekend but today this was the best thing for me!

After having a day of Maia cuddles yesterday, today was Barney's turn. Not that he cuddles, but his presence helped me feel better. He's so handsome!

It's so hard to photograph black cats, so I am really pleased with these pictures now I see them on the computer!

He loves hanging out under the laptop tray. So handsome!

I messed around on the internet a little and we put some movies on to entertain ourselves. We started with Serenity, which is pretty much a staple watch for us when we're being lazy. I should add that Paul went for a run this morning while I lazed in bed feeling sorry for myself, so at least one of us was active!

We then watched Thor 2 (can't remember it's full title!) and True Blood. The last True Blood. Waaaaaaa!

In tribute to this, I feel the need to post this:

I can't find the actual opening, but that's a great song. Paul wouldn't let me pick it for our first dance though. Bit sad about that. Don't know what he means that it wouldn't be appropriate...


So True Blood ended. It was a bit shocking, a bit sad but it's done. It's not like Lost where there are still a million and one questions that need answering. Although, it seemed like they were going a different way with one of the plot lines then decided they didn't want to go that way and went another. I wonder if there's an alternate ending made for the dvd...hmmmmm...

Anyway, here's sleeping Barney!

He was dreaming away! It was adorable! His paws were running at times, his face was twitching but he was so peaceful! I love that little boy!

After True Blood we decided to watch Captain America 2 again. It was good! I think that's just what I needed to have on today as my brain couldn't focus on anything new I don't think!

It was then time for sleep as it's back to work time tomorrow and I need to be slightly well to get through the day. A is away all week so T and I have loads to do between us. Could be interesting.



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  1. ooh, fang shot ;) I love the eyes in the first few photos.

    I'm watching true blood on dvd's from the library, so I'm stuck on season four unless I can get someone to give me their HBO to GO password ;) I did finish the books though and can't help but wonder how close the book ending is to the show ending..

    Must find a way to watch the rest of the seasons..