Tuesday, 2 September 2014

26th August 2014 - More of the usual

We didn't go to the gym this morning. My poorly sickness of yesterday probably meant that we shouldn't. Any excuse to be lazy, right?

Paul waited around a little later than usual this morning so he could give me a lift to work as I wasn't on top form. He's a good boy! I appreciated it!

It was a really busy day in the office, not assisted by the fact that our system kept going down. Oh, and A was checking his emails while he is on holiday and sending extra stuff for us to do. Talk about frustrating! You're on holiday, pal! Forget about us!

After work I came home, pondered for a while about being lazy then remembered I did that all weekend, so got on with my usual Tuesday job of doing the ironing. Fun fun fun.

My ironing board cover has looked prettier but that's what it is! It's the only vaguely interesting thing I could take a picture of today! Running out of ways to photograph the ironing. I need to do more interesting stuff on a Tuesday!

Once I finished we had dinner, watched some tv but I was feeling tired so came to bed to read for a while but mostly to sleep. Head colds make you tired. True story.



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