Friday, 5 September 2014

29th August 2014 - Oh Happy Day!

No gym for us this morning as we're a couple of lazy sausages who just want to sleep for an extra hour!

It was absolutely throwing it down this morning so I made the decision to go to work early just so I could get a lift in from Paul! Another sign that I'm a big lazy bum but at least I was a dry lazy bum! Plus I had a load of work to do and really needed to be there early!

Really busy day today but no crashes of the machine, which is useful!

I made pretty much all the calls I had to make, leaving mostly voicemails as people didn't want to answer the phone to me (I'm not complaining, believe me!) and by the end of the day my throat was really sore again.

Only one thing for it...

FIZZ FRIDAY! :) :) :)

This is probably the last one we'll get to have, as we may have a newbie starting next week. What we realised is that it's actually the anniversary of Fizz Friday beginning! This time last year it was my last day in work before the big W Day! It's also the last Friday before T and her husband's wedding anniversary as well! They'll have been married 18 years on Sunday! Wow!

Not content with being chauffeured to work, I got picked up to go home as well! SCORE! We popped to the shops to get a few bits for dinner, then came home. Paul chilled out with a couple of beers on the sofa and I went and ran a bath. I figured I deserved one!

Barney agreed.

He does love watching the bath run! He's a bit scared of the bubbles though. This is odd because he loves it when I blow bubbles for him. Silly boy!

After my lovely relaxing bath, I came downstairs to join Paul and eat dinner of random bits and bobs out of the freezer so we can defrost the thing. We also watched a few episodes of Stargate SG1. Yeah. I started getting a headache so I headed up to bed. I tried to read but sleep overtook me and I nodded off.

It was quite a good day though! Bring on the weekend!



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