Saturday, 6 September 2014

30th August 2014 - Ouch!

I woke up at around 2am with a REALLY bad headache. I went to bed with a bit of a headache and it must have just got worse as I slept. Paul and Maia's snoring did not help.

I got up to take painkillers and struggled to get back to sleep again. Great.

No lie in for us though. We had to get up early (for a Saturday) to take Barney to Fat Cat Club for weigh in! Yes, it's been 4 weeks since last time we went!

How did he do...well...

He has lost .25kg in the last 4 weeks! It might not sound a lot but the vet was pleased with his progress. It was also on the main vet scales which weren't favourable to him last time we went so we consider that a massive success! The vet fell in love with Barney, gave him and us a massive ego boost and told us to come back in 5 weeks so we can see her again as opposed to any one else. Think she's got a crush! :)

We came home and came back to bed for a little while to try to get more sleep but failed. So we had breakfast instead. Paul made himself a sausage and egg butty and I had museli. So I didn't feel left out, he brought me a bit of a gourmet breakfast which made me smile!

Herby sausage and brown sauce. Special treat!

When I left the house with Barney this morning, I fell over the top step of the front door. It hurt a little. I thought it was just a little graze.

The side of my manky foot got a little bruised. My toe also started cramping up again. It does this sometimes and it's really painful. I can't get it to stop, no matter how much stretching and massage I do. So whilst I lay on bed listening to the radio and planning my day, I put my trainer on it, hoping to support it a little!

It's a good look, right?!

Paul later remembered some stuff he learnt while on work experience at a Physiotherapist and that I might have something called Plantar Fasciitis. Having read about it using Dr Google, it sounds like he might be right. It could all be linked to the problems with my ankle/calves/hips/back. So that's nice. There's also no cure, I just have to stretch it out! Great. It's bloomin' painful!

If only I could just be a kitty. That seems easier!

 Sunbathing in a sun puddle would be the perfect way of spending a day!

Barney preferred the tiny patch of sun he could get under the tray!

Eventually we got up. Paul went to watch football and I went to clean the upstairs bathroom and do a bit of sorting out in the spare room as Mum and Dad are coming to stay soon.

It was a productive afternoon and I got loads done! I then looked at my foot again and the purple is spreading!

We had dinner and watched Dr Who then the start of X Factor. Yes, it's back again as is Cowell. Which means it's nearly Christmas.

Paul watched some with me but was pretty tired so went to bed. I stayed up for a while, chatted with some friends and watched more tv.

I also watched Maia being a cutie pie!

 She was rolling around being adorable! I tried to video it but she was having none of it. I managed to get her on video a little bit but not doing the rolling thing!

It was getting late so I headed to bed at around 1am. I'm surprised I was able to stay up that long!



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