Sunday, 7 September 2014

31st August 2014 - Brrrrrr!

Lazy-ish Sunday morning for me! Paul did his usual little running spree and I didn't really do much at all. I'm so lazy!

When he got back we had a little task that he had to do...

Paul was nominated by my colleague T to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. She didn't nominate me as I'm poorly.

Hopefully the video will upload above so you can see him soak himself. Although I bet you're all sick of seeing it now, like I am!

We had a bit of a productive day and got some stuff done. That all went out of the window later, as we had an Amazon delivery (thank you Prime!) which sort of made a mess of the living room.

We ordered a new carry box for Barney as the one we usually use for him is quite old now and a little bit broken on the base. We also ordered a new 'eating station for him, as he's a messy blighter and spills biscuits EVERYWHERE in his hurry to eat all the food!

Who cares about those though! Big deliveries mean BOXES!

Stole this off Fred Anderson's facebook page. Which he posted on this very day I believe!

Well, cat, perhaps you're right. I mean Barney seemed to enjoy the box...

I was very jealous. So I turfed him out.

I can confirm that boxes are awesome and I completely understand why cats prefer them to the contents. I might live in this box now. Because...BOX! It's my fort. MINE! Barney can have the OTHER box!


ANYWAY, we struggled a little to get Barney's new carrier together but we eventually got there. We're a bit skeptical of it as it seems a bit...flimsy...and it doesn't really seem like all the parts fit together. We'll see when we test it next week.

This is it but it looks really weird in this pic! It's got a clear screen door, without some crazy grey thing across the front as it appears here. It is airline approved, not that this matters to us, sadly, and has little food containers at the front! It has a carry strap as well (hahahaha, carrying Barney over the shoulder! Dislocated shoulder for me there!) and can have a seatbelt strapped around it in the car.

Fingers crossed it stays together with Barney inside it.

Barney's new food stop. The bowls are slightly raised and  the high sides should stop him making a mess all over the floor (the mat underneath didn't make much of a difference, sadly!) and therefore create less attraction for creepy crawlies...or slugs!

After all that box sitting, we were starting to get hungry, so had a gastronomical treat of pulled pork burgers.

This was messy. Very messy.

Tasty though!

We watched more Stargate, chilled and went to bed, hoping for a good sleep!



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  1. you should put the kitty in it now and walk it around the apartment if you think it is flimsy.. wouldn't want it breaking while you were outside