Thursday, 11 September 2014

4th September 2014 - Aaand we're done!

Not the best sleep but no time to lament that. There's work to be done!

I was in the office at 7:30am. WHAT?! I know, right? Considering how rubbish Tuesday was, how come I'm so eager to get there? Well, it's my last day in the office for nearly a week, so I needed to make sure everything got done! T had a bit of a stress yesterday that I was leaving her with bucket loads of work while I'm off, so I needed to be sure I wasn't doing that.

I got pretty much all of it done! Go me!

We also were given some support by A, which is very good indeed and we both ended the day feeling far more positive than we had been a few days earlier!

After work I headed into town to meet Paul as I had a few bits and bobs to get. Ended up not getting them as I couldn't be bothered to shop! It was too nice a day to be walking around shops! So we went for some food instead!

I had a chilli-dog!

It was messy, but good!

Paul had a traditional hot dog which was also good. Although we both agree that we don't like American mustard very much. All tang no trousers, in our opinion. We need heat, darn it! :) Give us English mustard any day! :)

I also might have been a little naughty...

Mmmm...gin cocktails! :) They were yummy!

We headed home and watched a bit of tv and watched Maia be cute on her boxes again!

Gorgeous and silly all in one perfect package!

I then went to bed. We get a lie in tomorrow morning! YAY!



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