Friday, 12 September 2014

5th September 2014 - Happy Kitties!

I love lazy mornings in bed. I don't like it when I have a headache along with them but that's my fault for having cocktails on a Thursday night. Silly Cagga.

I REALLY didn't want to get up this morning but as there was so much to, I did and it could have been worse I suppose. I did manage to put it off until 10am, so that's good! :)

We did take regular breaks from being busy to play with the cats, though! Barney wasn't impressed with being constantly played with...or maybe it's the tickle game we were playing!

That's Barney's irritated face. It's so cute. I don't think it's suppose to be. :)

After we got all our jobs done, it was time to head over to Manchester! We have a few days away booked so the kitties had to go on holiday as well! I'd say that they can't really complain but they did a very good job of making their dislike known.

Serious noise from a Maia all the way there! 40 minutes of yowling isn't the most pleasant way of spending a journey!

Still, as soon as they got to Paul's parents' house, they soon cheered up!

Maia, about to make a jump for the top of the wardrobes!

Barney in the hallway. Look at all that room for him to run around in! He'll be skinny in no time! WHOOP! The way his eyes light up when the flash is on always makes me laugh!

Soon after, Barney noticed that Maia was on the wardrobes and wanted to join her!

The sideways head tilt is so cute. I love that boy!

We had some food and headed out to the pub for a few drinks. We are on holiday after all, plus I clearly hadn't learnt my lesson from the day before!

We met up with an old colleague of Paul's from that bar and sat chatting with his parents, pretending not to notice the group of locals outside the bar all snorting cocaine quite blatantly. Aherm.

We got back, chatted with Paul's parents a little more then headed to bed. Both cats were on top of the wardrobes still. They were being good. This bodes well! :)



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