Saturday, 13 September 2014

6th September 2014 - Road Trip!

I didn't have a great night's sleep. Sadly. The cats were happy but Paul decided to take up pretty much the whole bed so I had to sleep on the floor for a little while! It's only a small bed so I can't get annoyed! Paul is a giant!

We got up early as we wanted to make an early start on our little journey we took today!

Before we left, we had to make sure that the cats were happy!

Yep. Think we can safely say that they're quite content and won't miss us for a second!

We got on our way fairly handy, taking a little jaunt down the M6 to Lichfield to stop in on my parents! We managed to blag a brew and a bacon sandwich while we were there as well! Score!

Then we got the show on the road and headed off down the motorway a little further as we were heading to the seaside! WHOOP!

It was quite a long drive so we stopped off at the services for coffee and a cake.

Yum. Although the coffee seemed to go on for EVER. Can you tell I don't actually drink coffee very often?!

We got to our BnB at a fairly decent time and decided to get settled in then have a wander around the little town we were staying in. Very cute and quaint. Nothing like Blackpool or anything like that!

We found a few places we could go to eat but decided to head back to our room to chill out for a while and unpack a little.

Our choice for the evening - Italian. It was the highest rated restaurant in Burnham so we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I had pizza.

I ate most of it but the creamy ricotta was too much for me.

Paul had a giant calzone.

Sadly it wasn't full to the brim!

We then shared a tiramisu for pudding. It was ok. Not boozy enough for Paul's liking. He's very strict when it comes to tiramisu!

We headed to a pub and had a cheeky gin and tonic, but we were both knackered from the long drive (Paul more than I) so we didn't stay out too late and went to bed!

Exciting, no? Nothing like this time last year! :)


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