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7th September 2014 - Year One = Done! :)

It's our First Wedding Anniversary today! WHOOP! We survived the first year! I think that's a pretty amazing achievement if you ask me! :)

We went for breakfast before we started our day. It was ok. Not the massive plate of breakfast that Paul is used to, but that probably just means that it was normal person portion size!

We then got ready and headed our into the countryside! Big day of fun ahead!

First (and technically only) stop: Cheddar Gorge! Beautiful countryside and lots to do! Starting with Gough's Cave, which had an audio commentary. Not like the retro old days of a cassette walkman, this was a digital phone-like prong!

We got the full story and it was very interesting! The caves themselves were visually stunning! Nature is weird!

It's weird walking through as some of it sort of looks a bit fake! Like you're walking on a movie set of a cave, as it's all shiny and looks plastic. It's just wet! So cool though!

From there, we went to meet Cheddar Man! Ok, not really, as he's just a skeleton, but it was a museum of Prehistory. It was quite interesting, although learning about cannibalism is a little icky!

These are recreations of mammoth tusks. Taller than Paul. Scary.

Then there was the bit that gave me nightmares. Or would if I hadn't been merry when I went to bed...

Sorry if this haunts you too...but seriously, is there any need?! Reading the visitors' book at the end of the museum seems to suggest that I'm not the only one who thought this!

From there we had a look in a few shops and headed down to the next cave, Cox's Cave. This was far smaller and just something to look at really.

Through the cave is a game thing, what was billed as a 'Lord of the Rings' type mission. Sounds right up my street, no?

Yeah, it sucked. Got to be honest. Just walk through a bit of cave, listen to some story line which was pretty much a direct rip-off from Lord of the Rings, just with a few tiny alterations to the name and then into a cavern with a dragon and all you had to do was touch the crystal.

I'm sure kids would enjoy it. Adults in their 30s who weren't merry...not so much!

From there we headed straight up 'Jacob's Ladder' which were 274 steps uphill through a forest. On the way up there were little signs explaining the evolution of the planet as we know it. Including the dinosaurs. We were most amused by this one in particular.

He looks a little miffed, no? "Oh drat!"

At the top of the steps there is a watchtower to give 360 degree views over Cheddar and surrounding area. Where I stood to take a few pictures amused me!

Only I would stand somewhere that reminds me of home!

Fantastic views.

We walked for a while, pausing to admire the beauty of the surrounding area...and to take an anniversary selfie!

We had a really nice walk and felt that we were walking forever but as it was pretty, we didn't mind too much...we were just a little thirsty!

Some goats. Because.

We eventually got back to the village and decided to find a good local pub in which to have a drink and a bite to eat. Cheddar is actually really pretty, not just quaint and full of tourists!


We had a massive ploughmans' lunch (which I didn't take a picture of as we were so famished!) and a couple of ciders while we decided what we wanted to do with the rest of the day. We also celebrated the moment (ish) that we had been married a year. We guestimated about 2:30pm but as neither of us can remember exactly how late I was, we can't be certain!

We headed out to some more shops and looked around a cheese shop, sampling loads of different cheeses, which were amazing! Naturally we had to buy some as gifts for people!

Instead of taking an open-top bus tour around the area, we decided to head back to Burnham.

Our lovely B&B had got us some prosecco so we sat out on their back patio, played some music and enjoyed some sunshine! It was lovely!

Through that glass door ahead was the indoor heated swimming pool! We could have used it but didn't have time! Maybe next time, should we go again! :)

I also logged into Facebook on Paul's iPad (my phone was charging in our room and I had forgotten it all day!) and Facebook even wished us a happy anniversary!

Ah, memories!

I had also been trying to use up one last remnant from our wedding which seem to be lasting forever!

I still had 3 of these bad boys to finish off! We've been snapping pictures for AGES on these! Still have about 12 to be developed as they weren't finished. Plus they're expensive to develop! Especially when there is no guarantee that every picture will come out.

It started to get a bit chilly, so we headed back up to our room, fizz in hand, to relax and prepare for our evening's excursion! When we got in, we discovered that the owners of the B&B had left us a little something!

Aw! so nice of them! We decided not to drink it tonight though. Don't want to waste tomorrow with a sore head!

As it's Sunday, a lot of the town was shut. The nicest restaurant we could find that was open was a curry house! It was very highly rated on Trip Advisor, so we decided to go for it! We like curry and were planning on going there tomorrow, so why not tonight?!

It was fairly quiet in the curry house. We had some poppadoms to start and then our main courses arrived.

I had the Chandni Burnham on Sea Special...which was (needs to load menu to remember exactly!) lamb tikka, chicken tikka and tandoori chicken in a 'special' sauce. So when it arrived I was a little surprised!

It hadn't mentioned an omelette on the menu! Still, it was a nice addition!

Paul had something that I can't remember the name of which was labelled hot. It wasn't hot. I could have eaten it no problem. Shame really. My boy does like his hot curry!

Food was very good though and the biggest surprise was that we both ate pretty much all of it! That never happens! I normally wimp out but it was so delicious that it all was eaten!

Paul even had room for pudding! He ordered a hazelnut bomb (I think it was called - it's not listed on any menu!) and was a little bit surprised with what he got!

Tiny bomb! Thankfully, they had given us two spoons so I could help him eat that mountain of pudding! :)

We had a quick drink before heading back to the B&B. We were both shattered! The sea air is clearly getting to us! Nothing to do with the alcohol at all. No, sir!


2013 & 2013 (Aw! Memories!)

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