Monday, 15 September 2014

8th September 2014 - Where the brass band play tiddly-om-pom-pom!

We woke up and made it down for breakfast. They were surprised to see us, thinking that we'd had a skinful the day before! They clearly do not know us!

We had a bit of a rest after breakfast then decided to head out to Glastonbury for a bit of an adventure. We hadn't been before and it was only half an hour's drive from where we were staying so it would be rude not to!

We had a little walk around the quirky town and had a quick coffee and snack while deciding where to go. We chose the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, where King Arthur was buried! After paying a small fee to enter (which goes to the upkeep of the ruins, which is not a bad thing so our great great great grandkids can still see them) we had a look around. Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day so we got to enjoy the time and peace outside.

Here are some of my pics.

Glastonbury Tor in the distance.

There were current restoration works in the Lady Chapel above. It's good to see where the money goes into keeping this sort of thing in good condition for the world to see.

After we were done with the history of the Abbey and looked at a miniature mock up of what it would look like, we did what anyone who is us would do and headed to the oldest pub in Glastonbury for some of the local scrumpy. Which is totally an ace name for a ginger cat. Must remember that one!

The old bay window. Pictures don't do it justice at all.

After this, we were kinda done with Glastonbury. As much as I love a good healing crystal and incense, when every other shop sells them, it gets a bit old! Ah to be a barefoot free spirit! This is certainly the place to do it!

We decided to completely change the mood of the day and head for the beach! Instead of the relaxed quietness of Burnham, we headed to Weston-super-Mare which is a little bit more what you'd expect a seaside town to be like!

For some reason, I didn't take many pictures...or maybe they're all on the damn disposable cameras I'm trying to use up! Not sure!

Anyway, we had a bit of a walk along the prom prom prom, then went for a cheeky drink at a local hotel. We sat out the front with a view onto the beach. It was lovely and sunny! I could have just put my head back and fallen asleep! I pretty much did, to be honest! I caught the sun a little, which is always nice! No harm in a bit of a tan from early September sunshine!

From the hotel we walked further along the prom, then decided to do what the rules dictate that you must do when you go to the seaside - stop for fish and chips!

They even had mushy peas, which officially makes them awesome!

It was right good food as well! We shared it, so we didn't get too full and not want dinner later on!

We then went for a stroll on the beach!

The water is about a mile out from the sea wall, so no paddling for us, sadly. Bet it would have been freezing though!

Lovely sandy beach! While we both love the south of france, there is such a difference being on a sand beach. Anyone know why some beaches are sand and some are pebbles? I'm curious!

After we had our fill of the beach, we headed back towards our little homestead, with a quick trip to a cider farm my Dad had recommended to us to get some mead as presents!

I started to not feel so good (some of the country roads were rickety indeed) and when we got back, we had been upgraded to a much bigger room with a much bigger bed! So I curled up into a ball and had a rest. We had a brew and watched some Stargate (yeah yeah!) for a while before getting ready to go out.

England were playing football in the European Cup qualifiers, so we headed to a local pub to have some food and watch most of the match.

We thought it would be typical pub grub. Were we mistaken!

We had a ploughmans-y board to share for a starter (bit obsessed with these at the moment!) which was massive!

It was very nice too!

Then for main, I had steak on mash with sweet onion and tomato sauce. It was really nice. Really filling as well!

Paul had pork and black pudding in cider gravy, which was also very nice!

He said when he saw the size of my food that I wouldn't be able to finish it. I nearly did but decided not to as I would be too full! So technically he wins. This time!

After we had finished our drinks, we paid up and walked back to the b&b, stopping to get some gin and tonic so we could chill back in our room. We watched some tv, drank some gin and I was so tired I fell asleep almost instantly!



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