Tuesday, 16 September 2014

9th September 2014 - On the road again!

Woke up this morning feeling tired. Even though we had a larger bed, I don't think either of us slept all that well. WELL, that's not strictly true, as I was out like a light! I just woke up a lot after having weird dreams!

We headed down for breakfast, lamenting that it was our last breakfast there (although I think Paul was looking forward to getting back to the land of us-sized portions again!) and then headed back to our room to pack up. Luckily for us, since we had moved rooms the day before, there wasn't that much to pack! WHOOP!

Our room was pretty much up to where that bay window starts, complete with the extendy window on the left! Twas big!

We really enjoyed our little stay at St Aubyn's Guest House in Burnham on Sea. If any of you fancy a little jaunt to Somerset, then you should try to stay in this quaint B&B. We'll probably go back!

So, once on the road again, we headed back oop north to the home land, stopping once again in Lichfield. We had a quick hello with Mum, then headed to the local pub (no surprises there!) for lunch.

The Hedgehog was once a manor house, which was converted into a pub while I was at school. Many of my classmates worked there for a while! As it's up the road from Mum and Dad's house and pretty much en route to the motor way, we decided that it was the best location to have some food.

It was a nice afternoon, so we thought we'd sit outside to eat.

We waited.

We waited.

We waited some more.

We waited even more than that.

45 minutes later our sandwiches arrived.

Credit where it's due, they were good sandwiches, but they gave us no warning that there was a wait on food, which having worked in that industry is a bit of a no no. We were very polite about it but my arm was starting to burn a little in the lunch time sun!

From there, there was one absolutely necessary stop off to be had.

We needed to see Annabel and the gorgeous little Ted! :)

Not so sure he was as pleased to see me, but we had a play all the same! He likes his ball pit full of toys!

Such a cutie pie! I just adore that little face!

You might have guessed that I managed to catch this snap as the phone was heading towards his mouth!

Ted selfie!

We were getting a bit tired towards the end so we headed back to the car and onto the motorway back up the M6 to Manchester. Want to get back to my babies! :)

They greeted us at the door but didn't seem to have missed us very much! We sorted everything out (naturally forgetting a few things, as we noticed when we got home) and got the show back on the road. We wanted to be at our own home and in our own bed after so long. Ok, it's not been ages, but there's something about your own bed, right?!

We had a chilled out evening in front of the tv. I also got out my anniversary present to me! I saw this in Cheddar and decided I had to have it as a feature for our coffee table.

Just a shame that I didn't have smaller candles to out on it. Ah well.

We watched Stargate for a while but were both shattered so decided to head up to bed.



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