Friday, 31 October 2014

24th October 2014 - Faking It!

Friday! Whoop! It's finally here! :) :) :)

Also T and I were in the office alone for the day! We were super productive, which is very surprising and means that we are the worst kind of rebels.

Well...that's not strictly true. We rebelled slightly. We had Fizz Friday. But as there is no photographic evidence of it, you'll just have to take my word for it!

I came home in desperate need of a chill out evening. I think we both needed it, so that's just what we did! It was great!

As we're not really drinking at the moment (she says after drinking half a bottle of fizz after work in the office!) Paul got some non alcoholic beer for us to enjoy!

It's actually not that bad! Obviously not as nice as normal beer but because it's not sugary in taste like fizzy pop is, it does feel like we're having something that's a bit of a treat...although Paul may disagree with me!

We watched some tv, relaxed and went to bed. Not the wackiest fun in the world but it suits us just fine. Just makes the blog a little dull, is all!



Thursday, 30 October 2014

23rd October 2014 - Ha.

Paul really didn't sleep well. I really didn't sleep well. Great start to the day, huh?

One of my favourite songs was playing on the radio while I was getting ready, so I thought things could only get better. How wrong I was.

Lots of things were making me grumpy - post left on my desk that I didn't know what to do with, external companies which were being idiots...that sort of thing. I was in a foul mood. T could tell and even said she was afraid to talk to me in case she said something wrong and I'd bite her head off. 

So when I got an email with the following attachment I laughed my little stressed head off!


I didn't complete it right away, preferring to take some time to think about it. A did his in 5 minutes. Hmmmm. Don't think T did hers either.

So yeah, work sucked. We also got notice that our annual appraisals are due. GREAT. A chane to be sat down and told to my face how crap they think I am instead of the usual notes on my desk and emails. It's on Monday 3rd November at 10am. Writing it here so I might remember when it is and develop some thick skin by then.

I came home and needed to do the ironing as I hadn't done it earlier in the week. I came downstairs at intervals and found a couple of silly billies amusing each other!

They never sit this close together! It's the power of the box that cannot be undone!

When Paul came in we had dinner and chilled a little. It's been a stressful week! Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already!



Wednesday, 29 October 2014

22nd October 2014 - False Advertising!

We had a slight better sleep but nothing as good as we would have liked.

Work was pretty rubbish. Today it was T's turn to be grumpy and all my attempts at cheering her up went down like a ton of bricks!

Still, there was also the joys of #Whedonsday after work, which is definitely a good thing!

Tonight we were having Cannelloni from a recipe in a book we have had for ages, to use up a few random ingredients we had knocking about.

The picture in the recipe book looked like this...

Slightly blurry but looking good, right?

Ours...looked like this...

Not quite as advertised. Paul was disappointed with the look of it but Chris and I were not bothered. So long as it tastes good, it's a winner!

Mmmmm. It did! Very filling though. We couldn't finish it all. Well, Chris did...which Paul was surprised by as he's usually the one that polishes off the lot!

Meanwhile, I had battled home with a delivery of cat food for the kitties. I would probably have take them separately except I knew the cats would love the giant box it all came in! I also got them one of the card scratching post things that you sprinkle catnip in...

Barney got a little...merry...on the nip...

He kicked the postl out the way and rolled in all the nip that had fallen through onto the kitchen floor! He's a proper junkie!

After #Whedonsday ended, Paul and I did some tidying up and then headed to bed with our high cats. It could be a long night!



Tuesday, 28 October 2014

21st October 2014 - Grrr

Crap night's sleep fo both Paul and I. So we were both suitably grumpy all day.

This meant that being greeted with the sight I was when I walked into the office didn't go down so well.

That was some work that I had on my 'to do' all shuffled up with some new stuff that I didn't know what to do with. GREAT.

I had a face on most of the day. I wouldn't mind being busy if I had some of it explained to me face to face, rather than notes on things just saying 'deal with it'. Hmph. 

The only light in my day, bearing in mind that I was having to take work home with my tonight? A new discovery!

I love Nakd bars. This one may well be my new favourite! It is lovely!

Anyway, I came home in hideously blustery winds and carried on working. Yep - instead of my usual Tuesday ironing, I did work instead. How bloomin depressing.

Another thing, I came home to gas and electricity bills as well. As if I didn't need anything else to make me grumpy...

Except this one didn't! After a meter read and everything! I overpaid a little my last bill which was estimated. Whoop!

Not so bothered about that one! Sadly the other bill wasn't so low. Oh well...

I did some work then came downstairs to do some more after dinner whilst watching Castle. Paul worked too so it wasn't too bad.

Maia helped me with the expenses I was sorting.

She was outraged at the level of petrol my boss seems to use in a monthly basis!

We tried to have a fairly early night so we could get some much needed sleep. I really am hoping it works.



Monday, 27 October 2014

20th October 2014 - Pack up your suitcase!

Monday morning after a crap night sleep. Yeah. Great way to start the new week!

I always seem to faff around on a Monday morning and can probably get to work far earlier if I try...but seriously...who wants to do that?!

Plus there is epic cuteness in my house so it's so hard to leave!

Barney snuggled up to my water/yogurts and did not want to vacate my laptop case! So I considered taking him to work with me but T isn't an animal person so decided against it.

Work was dull. Nothing new. Busy and filled with the joys of spring.

Seriously have very little to say about today. How dull.

I came home and didn't do a great deal. We had dinner, watched TV and relaxed.

Got more news on my brother. They are really sure it's his kidneys that are the problem so they are doing lots and lots of tests. Bet he feels like a pin cushion. His blood pressure is still really high. Dislike. Feel very helpless, especially being so far away but even if I was there I wouldn't be able to help. There is a queue for babysitters for Ted which is probably all I would be any use for! Unless Michael needs sarcasm. I can help there!

We had a reasonably early night and went to bed. Nothing happy here I'm afraid.



Sunday, 26 October 2014

19th October 2014 - Mmmmm!

A fairly early wake up for both Paul and myself. Natural wake up as well. Sadly neither of us had slept this was just insomnia. Boo.

Paul went for a run and I did some chores. Not as many as I wanted to, as Maia decided she wanted a cuddle, and you can't move a cat on your lap unless you want to feel their wrath!

We had a really lazy day today, watching movies and generally chilling out. Paul did the shopping and I did some washing up, but on the whole we were very relaxed.

Nothing really to talk about today except the amazing and epic roast dinner Paul cooked!

How awesome does this look? Well, it tasted fantastic. Plus the above pic means I can use a gif I found which makes me giggle!

LOLZ from Io9!

I watched (and Paul was present) the usual Strictly, X Factor and Downton combo (it's all scandalous and going on at the Abbey!) then time for bed! Weekend is over far too quickly for my liking!



Saturday, 25 October 2014

18th October 2014 - These boots were made for walkin'!

We woke up at as decent hour this morning and listened to the radio for a while, umming and ahhhing on what to do today.

There was definitely one of us who wanted to stay in bed all morning, not doing anything.

Got to be honest, she was swaying me into doing the same, but Paul decided to get me off my backside and out of the house! So he went to make breakfast and I got up and got myself together...including donning my new boots for the first time!

Maia was most put out by me getting up...but aren't the boots purrty?!

They're even purrtier on the sole!

So cute!

Paul was having a hot breakfast so was taking a while in coming back upstairs to get ready himself. I lay back, listening to the radio. Maia decided to join me once more!

She did not want me to go. But go out we must! We were going to Ikea...and that can't wait!

We wandered around Ikea for a while and bought a few things. Mostly candles, of course, but as they are our heat source at present, they are a necessity! Too soon for the heating to go on!

We did some shopping, came home and put away our wares. Paul did some work and I did some washing. All too soon it was evening!

The usual reality tv exploits were enjoyed. We were both shattered so we went to bed at a thoroughly decent hour. Lovely!



Friday, 24 October 2014

17th October 2014 - Dislike

Friday morning! Whoop!

Friday in the office is typically awful. It is hands down my busiest day of the week, as I have probably mentioned before.

So imagine my delight to find 11 new cases on my desk with a note saying that I HAD to speak to ALL of the clients today. Yeah. Way to put me a cracking mood on a Friday pre 9am. 

I was very fortunate that some of our associate staff came in today and said that they would call the clients for me as they knew that I was busy and they weren't! I am so lucky that they are lovely!

I was getting on with my day when I got a text from my Mum. My brother had been take to the hospital with ridiculously high blood pressure. Um...that's not good.

So, as you can imagine, I found it quite hard to concentrate for the rest of the day.

I did manage to sort myself a hair appointment for after work, which is an achievement. Especially as I haven't had a hair cut since...February, I think? Bad Caroline.

I spoke with Mum at lunch and got the details on my brother. Not good. He was awaiting test after test to see if they can find out what it was. They thought there could be problems with his kidneys but they need to do more tests etc etc. Not good. :(

I managed to get through the rest of the day, very distracted. I got home and had 30 minutes to kill before my hair appt. I gave up and went early. I think I'd rather sit there than in my quiet house. Luckily my new hairdresser was available straight away so I got started early! Yay!

I've never had a chap cut my hair before but he was lovely and there was no awkward small talk like there normally is. I HATE small talk. He was genuinely interesting to talk to!

Sadly I got a really sore head while I was there. It was banging by the time he had finished with the hairdryer, getting my hair lovely and smooth and straight! I wish I could get it looking that nice!

I got home and told Paul all about the day and my brother. We had dinner (the rest of the chilli!) and watched some tv. My head was sore and I wasn't in the best mood.

We tried to cheer me up by being a bit goofy with Barney.

Yeah. He wasn't impressed. I think we're pretty though!

I them looked in the mirror and realised that my lovely, choppy, sleek and smooth hair cut had become a thing from the 90s.

I have a 'Rachel'. Again. Like I got in 1995 or whenever it was. Grr.

Ok, I never really had a 'Rachel', it's just what people called it when I got layers and my hair decided to go big! But still...this is the only hairstyle I can have?! Stupid volume. People pay so much money to get more volume and I get it in abundance! Take some if you want it! Please!

We watched tv but I really wasn't in a very good mood with all the migraine so I decided to take myself off to bed.

Hopefully news on my bro would be better in the morning as they were keeping him in overnight. :(


No posts...oops.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

16th October 2014 - More of the same!

Didn't have the best sleep, which I never seem to do when Paul is away. Barney decided that licking the base of the fabric-covered bed seemed like a rather fabulous idea at silly o'clock. Not the best way to get Mamma's attention, pal. I put a pillow over my ears and got a few more minutes sleep!

I had a little FaceTime with Paul, who was rushing to get all his stuff packed and get to the office for his day in Kent. I procrastinated a little then headed to work myself.

Blah blah, work, blah blah. I was a long day and I was super fed up by the end of it.

When I got home, I followed Paul's progress back up north via an app that Apple gave us! Thanks for that! I do like to be able to stalk my husband while he's away!

Then it was time for my usual Thursday night ritual of finishing the ironing I got bored doing on Tuesday night!

It didn't take long but then I was a loose end! I potted around a little and entertained the kitties, had a bit of a sing song with myself but then got bored. Maia was bored. Barney was bored.

Barney decided to steal my dressing gown. He looks better in it than me!

I chilled until Paul got home when we decided to watch the rest of the ep of Shield that Chris and I didn't get around to finishing last night!

After that, I nodded off!



Wednesday, 22 October 2014

15th October 2014 - Bad Omen

A small teeny tiny 10 minute lie in this morning. Paul had to pack as he was off to Kent for the evening as he has a meeting there all day tomorrow.

I had an incredibly annoying day in work as people were emailing me asking me questions regarding instructions I had made when if they had read the instructions, the would have seen the bloomin answers right there in bold at the end of the letter.

I was not happy and in a bad mood when I went home.

Luckily for me, I had #Whedonsday company so I couldn't be too gloomy! Chris had an equally irritating day so we both vented and felt better!

Then there was a knock on the door. I don't usually answer the door as it's usually sales people and I'm really bad at telling them I'm not interested! I get Paul to do it as if they ask if he's the owner, he can say no and not be lying!

Anyway. It was the meter-reading man. Which meant moving stuff out the way so he could read the meter!

While I was being polite and cursing him silently for disrupting us about to start Watching Buffy, Chris took some pictures for me!

Excuse the mess. As I said, we have to move stuff and it's not pretty.

After watching some Buffy, I prepared dinner! Whilst I would like to say I made it from scratch, I can't tell porkies. Paul prepared it last night.

Chilli, rice (which I boiled all by myself!), with crushed nachos and cheese. Delish. We really enjoyed it!

See?! Paul makes a darn good chilli!

We watched some more #Whedonsday goodness but then Paul called and so we couldn't finish watching Shield before Chris had to leave.

Once Chris had gone, I FaceTimed with Paul again. I like it. Then bed. With attention-seeking kitties. Great.



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

14th October 2014 - Madness

We got some last minute early morning cramming done for Paul's exam. It's not big or clever and we won't be doing everything so last minute. Again!

I said yesterday that I won't talk about the tedium that is work any more. I may have to break that rule. Mostly because the only picture I took today is from work!

It was a massively busy and productive day. If you recall from previous years, we have a daily target of so many units to hit a day. That total is 60 units.

Today's productivity can be seen below...

Over 300%...that could be construed as busy! It's not my record...not by a long shot, but it's not bad!

After work I came home to my usual Tuesday night task of ironing. I'm in this habit now so why break it! I listen to my audiobook as I go and it makes the time fly!

Paul was fairly optimistic about his exam but was still a little later getting home so we had a quick tea of chicken and salad and watched the latest ep of Castle.

We were both shattered then, so headed to bed for a fairly early night.

We're so dull.



Monday, 20 October 2014

13th October 2014 - Monday Night Extravagance!

Paul is on study leave today so neither of us had the inclination to get up early and go to the gym. This isn't good. We used to be in such good habits. We WILL get those habits back. I'm not sure when but determined to get them back!

Work...well...same old same old as I'm sure you can guess. I'm getting bored typing the same things all the time so maybe I'll skip it. Although then there really will be nothing in my blog posts. Hmmm.

After work I came home and tried on some new purchases I had made this week. I didn't take pics but I bought some new boots which I love!

Paul did some more revision and I pottered around a little. While I had been at work, Paul had prepared us a yummy tea! We were supposed to have it yesterday but neither of us were hungry enough so we had it tonight instead!

Roast Lamb with veg and mint sauce! Mmmmm!

It was delish...just quite a lot for a Monday night.

We watched some Stargate and then decided to watch the new show Gotham, which premiered on tv here tonight. We put it on a slight delay so we could fast forward adverts. We enjoyed it! Darker than we would have expected but it's got Rysn from the OC in it and he still wears a wife-beater so I'm happy!

Then, bed, as Paul has an exam tomorrow!



Sunday, 19 October 2014

12th October 2014 - Eugggghhhh.

Paul was up early as he had to do a run this morning over the water. I was going to be lazy and stay in bed but I felt bad about doing that so I got up and went to do some cleaning in the kitchen.

We had some dishes soaking and when I came to clean one, I found I wasn't alone...


That's a big spider. I don't know if I drowned it when putting it in the sink or if it was already dead but I wasn't overly happy about finding it there to be quite honest.

I got the dishes done and cleaned the floors downstairs. I think that's some good work for a Sunday morning!

Instead of helping, Barney did a good impression of me and what I'm usually like on a Sunday morning!

Check out the blinding white belly dot that just doesn't want to be hidden by his fur!

After a few tickles, kisses and cuddles, I noticed he had been fighting with Maia a little bit. Barney has a boo boo.

He's had a couple of these recently, always around his ears. He instigates the fighting with her. She ends it and he ends off worse. Silly boy.

Paul came home and had more revision to do, so I helped him a little where I could but ultimately I couldn't really do much. I read him some of the revision while he was doing other things but that's about the limit of my assistance!

Paul kept on with the revision while I watched more tv but it wasn't the most exciting of days, I'm afraid.

After Strictly came X Factor, then Downton, then bed. Yawn!



Saturday, 18 October 2014

11th October 2014 - Sweet Treats!

Saturday morning lie in. How lovely! We relaxed a lot but knew we had things to do so we had to get up and do them. I had a few jobs to do at various banks so I went and sorted those while Paul did the shopping. We met up afterwards and went home! Success!

Paul had a lot of revision to do today, so I timed him and he revised for 25 minutes and rested for 5. His call. After a few hours we watched an episode of Stargate as a treat. Good call, no?!

Then I had my reality tv fix to catch up on. Strictly and X Factor night!

Paul made dinner of chicken and vegetable pasta bake. It was good!

Yes there is cheesy goodness. There are also vegetables. He has a run to do tomorrow so needed to carb up a little!

He also popped out as we needed peppermint tea, and he bought me little treats!

All very naughty. All very nice. The Cosmo was weird. It was being sold off. I'm not surprised. It didn't have an ingredients list on it...just said it was made of pink!

Me too, Jason. Taken from Tumblr.
Paul was feeling tired so went to bed. I watched tv for a bit longer on my own. Maia joined me! As she always seems to when my knee isn't obstructed!

I love my little fluffy hot water bottle. She does like the right knee better than the left for some reason. Wonder why.

I didn't stay up overly late. I needed sleep too.



Friday, 17 October 2014

10th October 2014 - Cleansing.

Shockingly bad night's sleep was had last night. Not impressed. Paul was up and at work early again so still no gym. One day we'll be better. Promise.

I pottered around the house a little first thing procrastinating going to work. I was even productive, doing some chores, including one I should do more often...

I washed my make up brushes! Well done me! They were a bit yacky.

Work was madness, as Fridays tend to be for me at the moment. I couldn't wait to come home and chill for a while! Which I did!

Paul and I shared a bottle of wine and watched tv until I started getting sleepy so took myself off to bed!



Thursday, 16 October 2014

9th October 2014 - Simple Pleasures!

A pretty naff night's sleep was followed by Paul going out early thus no gym again. Terrible. Poor show, us.

Work was busy and the day flew but it's all very dull and boring. Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow though. That's come around fast!

Paul's out AGAIN tonight so I did chores and was generally dull all evening. I caught up on my ironing and was entertained by the cats who had decided to play under a plastic lid in the bath!

The offending lid. Maia ran off and wouldn't let me take a picture. Boo.

The game of what can only be described as 'slaps' went on a LONG time with them alternating who was under the lid and who was on the side of the bath. Very entertaining!

After I finished ironing, I had an omelette for tea and decided to watch a crappy rom com called 'Valentine's Day'. I wasn't impressed. Bradley Cooper looked very 'David Beckham' in it but that's the only pro I could find to it, I'm afraid.

Paul came in, having decided that he was going to have a few beers instead of driving home. Hmph. Wish I could have had a few beers. :(



Wednesday, 15 October 2014

8th October 2014 - Italia!

It was a bit of a stressful day today. Could have done without that but alas.

Don't really have anything of interest to say, sadly.

At least there was #Whedonsday to look forward to!

We had some laughs but mostly tears with this week's episodes. To make things a bit brighter we had posh starter to accompany our viewing!

Bit of antipasti to make it all better!

Carrying on the Italian theme for the food we had scrummy pasta bake! Home pride is legit Italian cuisine, right?!

We then had genuine Italian pudding of 'Cioccolato croccante do risotto dolci' you can't guess what that is!

We watched Shield, waved bye to our #Whedonsday guests then went to sleep.




Tuesday, 14 October 2014

7th October 2014 - Always believe in your soul!

Another early morning for Paul. He had to be up and out the house to go and pick up his boss to go to a number of meetings. I got up too, but just pottered around for a bit before heading to work myself.

Another yawnsome day in the office. Busy, as it always is these days, but nothing at all interesting to talk about. Seriously, I have nothing when it comes to today in the office!

When I got home I decided to do some ironing. So I did! I listened to my audio book as it did it and the time flew! Paul was late getting back again as he had to drop his boss at the train he didn't get back until after 8pm. So we had a quick dinner and watched Castle. 

During Castle, Paul remembered that he bought pudding, so we had a special treat!

Millionaire's Cheesecake. Complete with gold bullion on the top! It was sweet and very nice too. Still not my favourite Guy cheesecake pot thing but we can't find the one I like best anywhere!

After Castle we chilled out a little more then headed to bed.



Monday, 13 October 2014

6th October 2014 - Bored.

We woke up late this morning for us so no gym going was done. Bad bad Cagga.

Work was another busy day which sucked. I was feeling very grumpy. Don't really know why. There's no specific reasoning behind it but grumpy I was. 

So when I came home I was even more grumpy as I was home alone. Paul's big boss was up from down south and he was going out for some food with him. I should have done some chores but instead I stat on the sofa and grumped.

I was really bored. So I thought instead of watching tv or something like that, I'd get creative in the kitchen and make something! I found some ingredients I knew I had and made some comforting treats...

Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes! 

So easy to make and so yummy! Sadly, I didn't have anything particularly amazing to eat for my dinner so the thought of having these for pudding cheered me right up!

Chicken and chorizo paella. Blah.

Paul came home having had his dinner meeting cancelled and we sat and watched a bit of tv, but I was exhausted so we went to bed early. Really early. Before 9pm early!

I needed sleep, darn It!