Saturday, 18 October 2014

11th October 2014 - Sweet Treats!

Saturday morning lie in. How lovely! We relaxed a lot but knew we had things to do so we had to get up and do them. I had a few jobs to do at various banks so I went and sorted those while Paul did the shopping. We met up afterwards and went home! Success!

Paul had a lot of revision to do today, so I timed him and he revised for 25 minutes and rested for 5. His call. After a few hours we watched an episode of Stargate as a treat. Good call, no?!

Then I had my reality tv fix to catch up on. Strictly and X Factor night!

Paul made dinner of chicken and vegetable pasta bake. It was good!

Yes there is cheesy goodness. There are also vegetables. He has a run to do tomorrow so needed to carb up a little!

He also popped out as we needed peppermint tea, and he bought me little treats!

All very naughty. All very nice. The Cosmo was weird. It was being sold off. I'm not surprised. It didn't have an ingredients list on it...just said it was made of pink!

Me too, Jason. Taken from Tumblr.
Paul was feeling tired so went to bed. I watched tv for a bit longer on my own. Maia joined me! As she always seems to when my knee isn't obstructed!

I love my little fluffy hot water bottle. She does like the right knee better than the left for some reason. Wonder why.

I didn't stay up overly late. I needed sleep too.



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