Sunday, 19 October 2014

12th October 2014 - Eugggghhhh.

Paul was up early as he had to do a run this morning over the water. I was going to be lazy and stay in bed but I felt bad about doing that so I got up and went to do some cleaning in the kitchen.

We had some dishes soaking and when I came to clean one, I found I wasn't alone...


That's a big spider. I don't know if I drowned it when putting it in the sink or if it was already dead but I wasn't overly happy about finding it there to be quite honest.

I got the dishes done and cleaned the floors downstairs. I think that's some good work for a Sunday morning!

Instead of helping, Barney did a good impression of me and what I'm usually like on a Sunday morning!

Check out the blinding white belly dot that just doesn't want to be hidden by his fur!

After a few tickles, kisses and cuddles, I noticed he had been fighting with Maia a little bit. Barney has a boo boo.

He's had a couple of these recently, always around his ears. He instigates the fighting with her. She ends it and he ends off worse. Silly boy.

Paul came home and had more revision to do, so I helped him a little where I could but ultimately I couldn't really do much. I read him some of the revision while he was doing other things but that's about the limit of my assistance!

Paul kept on with the revision while I watched more tv but it wasn't the most exciting of days, I'm afraid.

After Strictly came X Factor, then Downton, then bed. Yawn!



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