Monday, 20 October 2014

13th October 2014 - Monday Night Extravagance!

Paul is on study leave today so neither of us had the inclination to get up early and go to the gym. This isn't good. We used to be in such good habits. We WILL get those habits back. I'm not sure when but determined to get them back!

Work...well...same old same old as I'm sure you can guess. I'm getting bored typing the same things all the time so maybe I'll skip it. Although then there really will be nothing in my blog posts. Hmmm.

After work I came home and tried on some new purchases I had made this week. I didn't take pics but I bought some new boots which I love!

Paul did some more revision and I pottered around a little. While I had been at work, Paul had prepared us a yummy tea! We were supposed to have it yesterday but neither of us were hungry enough so we had it tonight instead!

Roast Lamb with veg and mint sauce! Mmmmm!

It was delish...just quite a lot for a Monday night.

We watched some Stargate and then decided to watch the new show Gotham, which premiered on tv here tonight. We put it on a slight delay so we could fast forward adverts. We enjoyed it! Darker than we would have expected but it's got Rysn from the OC in it and he still wears a wife-beater so I'm happy!

Then, bed, as Paul has an exam tomorrow!



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