Tuesday, 21 October 2014

14th October 2014 - Madness

We got some last minute early morning cramming done for Paul's exam. It's not big or clever and we won't be doing everything so last minute. Again!

I said yesterday that I won't talk about the tedium that is work any more. I may have to break that rule. Mostly because the only picture I took today is from work!

It was a massively busy and productive day. If you recall from previous years, we have a daily target of so many units to hit a day. That total is 60 units.

Today's productivity can be seen below...

Over 300%...that could be construed as busy! It's not my record...not by a long shot, but it's not bad!

After work I came home to my usual Tuesday night task of ironing. I'm in this habit now so why break it! I listen to my audiobook as I go and it makes the time fly!

Paul was fairly optimistic about his exam but was still a little later getting home so we had a quick tea of chicken and salad and watched the latest ep of Castle.

We were both shattered then, so headed to bed for a fairly early night.

We're so dull.



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