Wednesday, 22 October 2014

15th October 2014 - Bad Omen

A small teeny tiny 10 minute lie in this morning. Paul had to pack as he was off to Kent for the evening as he has a meeting there all day tomorrow.

I had an incredibly annoying day in work as people were emailing me asking me questions regarding instructions I had made when if they had read the instructions, the would have seen the bloomin answers right there in bold at the end of the letter.

I was not happy and in a bad mood when I went home.

Luckily for me, I had #Whedonsday company so I couldn't be too gloomy! Chris had an equally irritating day so we both vented and felt better!

Then there was a knock on the door. I don't usually answer the door as it's usually sales people and I'm really bad at telling them I'm not interested! I get Paul to do it as if they ask if he's the owner, he can say no and not be lying!

Anyway. It was the meter-reading man. Which meant moving stuff out the way so he could read the meter!

While I was being polite and cursing him silently for disrupting us about to start Watching Buffy, Chris took some pictures for me!

Excuse the mess. As I said, we have to move stuff and it's not pretty.

After watching some Buffy, I prepared dinner! Whilst I would like to say I made it from scratch, I can't tell porkies. Paul prepared it last night.

Chilli, rice (which I boiled all by myself!), with crushed nachos and cheese. Delish. We really enjoyed it!

See?! Paul makes a darn good chilli!

We watched some more #Whedonsday goodness but then Paul called and so we couldn't finish watching Shield before Chris had to leave.

Once Chris had gone, I FaceTimed with Paul again. I like it. Then bed. With attention-seeking kitties. Great.



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