Friday, 24 October 2014

17th October 2014 - Dislike

Friday morning! Whoop!

Friday in the office is typically awful. It is hands down my busiest day of the week, as I have probably mentioned before.

So imagine my delight to find 11 new cases on my desk with a note saying that I HAD to speak to ALL of the clients today. Yeah. Way to put me a cracking mood on a Friday pre 9am. 

I was very fortunate that some of our associate staff came in today and said that they would call the clients for me as they knew that I was busy and they weren't! I am so lucky that they are lovely!

I was getting on with my day when I got a text from my Mum. My brother had been take to the hospital with ridiculously high blood pressure. Um...that's not good.

So, as you can imagine, I found it quite hard to concentrate for the rest of the day.

I did manage to sort myself a hair appointment for after work, which is an achievement. Especially as I haven't had a hair cut since...February, I think? Bad Caroline.

I spoke with Mum at lunch and got the details on my brother. Not good. He was awaiting test after test to see if they can find out what it was. They thought there could be problems with his kidneys but they need to do more tests etc etc. Not good. :(

I managed to get through the rest of the day, very distracted. I got home and had 30 minutes to kill before my hair appt. I gave up and went early. I think I'd rather sit there than in my quiet house. Luckily my new hairdresser was available straight away so I got started early! Yay!

I've never had a chap cut my hair before but he was lovely and there was no awkward small talk like there normally is. I HATE small talk. He was genuinely interesting to talk to!

Sadly I got a really sore head while I was there. It was banging by the time he had finished with the hairdryer, getting my hair lovely and smooth and straight! I wish I could get it looking that nice!

I got home and told Paul all about the day and my brother. We had dinner (the rest of the chilli!) and watched some tv. My head was sore and I wasn't in the best mood.

We tried to cheer me up by being a bit goofy with Barney.

Yeah. He wasn't impressed. I think we're pretty though!

I them looked in the mirror and realised that my lovely, choppy, sleek and smooth hair cut had become a thing from the 90s.

I have a 'Rachel'. Again. Like I got in 1995 or whenever it was. Grr.

Ok, I never really had a 'Rachel', it's just what people called it when I got layers and my hair decided to go big! But still...this is the only hairstyle I can have?! Stupid volume. People pay so much money to get more volume and I get it in abundance! Take some if you want it! Please!

We watched tv but I really wasn't in a very good mood with all the migraine so I decided to take myself off to bed.

Hopefully news on my bro would be better in the morning as they were keeping him in overnight. :(


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