Saturday, 25 October 2014

18th October 2014 - These boots were made for walkin'!

We woke up at as decent hour this morning and listened to the radio for a while, umming and ahhhing on what to do today.

There was definitely one of us who wanted to stay in bed all morning, not doing anything.

Got to be honest, she was swaying me into doing the same, but Paul decided to get me off my backside and out of the house! So he went to make breakfast and I got up and got myself together...including donning my new boots for the first time!

Maia was most put out by me getting up...but aren't the boots purrty?!

They're even purrtier on the sole!

So cute!

Paul was having a hot breakfast so was taking a while in coming back upstairs to get ready himself. I lay back, listening to the radio. Maia decided to join me once more!

She did not want me to go. But go out we must! We were going to Ikea...and that can't wait!

We wandered around Ikea for a while and bought a few things. Mostly candles, of course, but as they are our heat source at present, they are a necessity! Too soon for the heating to go on!

We did some shopping, came home and put away our wares. Paul did some work and I did some washing. All too soon it was evening!

The usual reality tv exploits were enjoyed. We were both shattered so we went to bed at a thoroughly decent hour. Lovely!



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