Sunday, 26 October 2014

19th October 2014 - Mmmmm!

A fairly early wake up for both Paul and myself. Natural wake up as well. Sadly neither of us had slept this was just insomnia. Boo.

Paul went for a run and I did some chores. Not as many as I wanted to, as Maia decided she wanted a cuddle, and you can't move a cat on your lap unless you want to feel their wrath!

We had a really lazy day today, watching movies and generally chilling out. Paul did the shopping and I did some washing up, but on the whole we were very relaxed.

Nothing really to talk about today except the amazing and epic roast dinner Paul cooked!

How awesome does this look? Well, it tasted fantastic. Plus the above pic means I can use a gif I found which makes me giggle!

LOLZ from Io9!

I watched (and Paul was present) the usual Strictly, X Factor and Downton combo (it's all scandalous and going on at the Abbey!) then time for bed! Weekend is over far too quickly for my liking!



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