Wednesday, 8 October 2014

1st October 2014 - Shredder.

Ah, the Wednesday lie in. We made it extra specially nice by setting the gym alarm to have the joy of switching it off and going back to sleep for longer than the usual 10 minute snooze! 

Work was a little better today but still not amazing. Got quite a bit done and feel like I'm getting a little more on top of things. Just wish I could enjoy it more!

After work it was time to get home and prepare for our usual #Whedonsday fun and frolics! We were looking forward to an evening of television gold and yummy food!

Paul was trying out a new recipe tonight, which started out like this:

Grated potato. That's a whole lot of starchy goodness!

The finished result was pretty yummy!

Sausage with potato rosti and onion gravy. 

We all ate loads and enjoyed it! Paul has thought of a few alterations he would made next time but it's definitely a hit!

We also had naughty pudding. Shh...don't tell! Spoilt for choice between flavours of cheesecake I couldn't I asked for half and half!


We watched a few eps of Whedony projects and played with Barney for a while as he needed to be active!

After Chris left, we cleared up a little and then went to bed. Hoping for a good night's sleep!



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