Monday, 27 October 2014

20th October 2014 - Pack up your suitcase!

Monday morning after a crap night sleep. Yeah. Great way to start the new week!

I always seem to faff around on a Monday morning and can probably get to work far earlier if I try...but seriously...who wants to do that?!

Plus there is epic cuteness in my house so it's so hard to leave!

Barney snuggled up to my water/yogurts and did not want to vacate my laptop case! So I considered taking him to work with me but T isn't an animal person so decided against it.

Work was dull. Nothing new. Busy and filled with the joys of spring.

Seriously have very little to say about today. How dull.

I came home and didn't do a great deal. We had dinner, watched TV and relaxed.

Got more news on my brother. They are really sure it's his kidneys that are the problem so they are doing lots and lots of tests. Bet he feels like a pin cushion. His blood pressure is still really high. Dislike. Feel very helpless, especially being so far away but even if I was there I wouldn't be able to help. There is a queue for babysitters for Ted which is probably all I would be any use for! Unless Michael needs sarcasm. I can help there!

We had a reasonably early night and went to bed. Nothing happy here I'm afraid.



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