Tuesday, 28 October 2014

21st October 2014 - Grrr

Crap night's sleep fo both Paul and I. So we were both suitably grumpy all day.

This meant that being greeted with the sight I was when I walked into the office didn't go down so well.

That was some work that I had on my 'to do' all shuffled up with some new stuff that I didn't know what to do with. GREAT.

I had a face on most of the day. I wouldn't mind being busy if I had some of it explained to me face to face, rather than notes on things just saying 'deal with it'. Hmph. 

The only light in my day, bearing in mind that I was having to take work home with my tonight? A new discovery!

I love Nakd bars. This one may well be my new favourite! It is lovely!

Anyway, I came home in hideously blustery winds and carried on working. Yep - instead of my usual Tuesday ironing, I did work instead. How bloomin depressing.

Another thing, I came home to gas and electricity bills as well. As if I didn't need anything else to make me grumpy...

Except this one didn't! After a meter read and everything! I overpaid a little my last bill which was estimated. Whoop!

Not so bothered about that one! Sadly the other bill wasn't so low. Oh well...

I did some work then came downstairs to do some more after dinner whilst watching Castle. Paul worked too so it wasn't too bad.

Maia helped me with the expenses I was sorting.

She was outraged at the level of petrol my boss seems to use in a monthly basis!

We tried to have a fairly early night so we could get some much needed sleep. I really am hoping it works.



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