Wednesday, 29 October 2014

22nd October 2014 - False Advertising!

We had a slight better sleep but nothing as good as we would have liked.

Work was pretty rubbish. Today it was T's turn to be grumpy and all my attempts at cheering her up went down like a ton of bricks!

Still, there was also the joys of #Whedonsday after work, which is definitely a good thing!

Tonight we were having Cannelloni from a recipe in a book we have had for ages, to use up a few random ingredients we had knocking about.

The picture in the recipe book looked like this...

Slightly blurry but looking good, right?

Ours...looked like this...

Not quite as advertised. Paul was disappointed with the look of it but Chris and I were not bothered. So long as it tastes good, it's a winner!

Mmmmm. It did! Very filling though. We couldn't finish it all. Well, Chris did...which Paul was surprised by as he's usually the one that polishes off the lot!

Meanwhile, I had battled home with a delivery of cat food for the kitties. I would probably have take them separately except I knew the cats would love the giant box it all came in! I also got them one of the card scratching post things that you sprinkle catnip in...

Barney got a little...merry...on the nip...

He kicked the postl out the way and rolled in all the nip that had fallen through onto the kitchen floor! He's a proper junkie!

After #Whedonsday ended, Paul and I did some tidying up and then headed to bed with our high cats. It could be a long night!



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