Thursday, 30 October 2014

23rd October 2014 - Ha.

Paul really didn't sleep well. I really didn't sleep well. Great start to the day, huh?

One of my favourite songs was playing on the radio while I was getting ready, so I thought things could only get better. How wrong I was.

Lots of things were making me grumpy - post left on my desk that I didn't know what to do with, external companies which were being idiots...that sort of thing. I was in a foul mood. T could tell and even said she was afraid to talk to me in case she said something wrong and I'd bite her head off. 

So when I got an email with the following attachment I laughed my little stressed head off!


I didn't complete it right away, preferring to take some time to think about it. A did his in 5 minutes. Hmmmm. Don't think T did hers either.

So yeah, work sucked. We also got notice that our annual appraisals are due. GREAT. A chane to be sat down and told to my face how crap they think I am instead of the usual notes on my desk and emails. It's on Monday 3rd November at 10am. Writing it here so I might remember when it is and develop some thick skin by then.

I came home and needed to do the ironing as I hadn't done it earlier in the week. I came downstairs at intervals and found a couple of silly billies amusing each other!

They never sit this close together! It's the power of the box that cannot be undone!

When Paul came in we had dinner and chilled a little. It's been a stressful week! Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already!



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