Friday, 31 October 2014

24th October 2014 - Faking It!

Friday! Whoop! It's finally here! :) :) :)

Also T and I were in the office alone for the day! We were super productive, which is very surprising and means that we are the worst kind of rebels.

Well...that's not strictly true. We rebelled slightly. We had Fizz Friday. But as there is no photographic evidence of it, you'll just have to take my word for it!

I came home in desperate need of a chill out evening. I think we both needed it, so that's just what we did! It was great!

As we're not really drinking at the moment (she says after drinking half a bottle of fizz after work in the office!) Paul got some non alcoholic beer for us to enjoy!

It's actually not that bad! Obviously not as nice as normal beer but because it's not sugary in taste like fizzy pop is, it does feel like we're having something that's a bit of a treat...although Paul may disagree with me!

We watched some tv, relaxed and went to bed. Not the wackiest fun in the world but it suits us just fine. Just makes the blog a little dull, is all!



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