Wednesday, 1 October 2014

24th September 2014 - 4 Years of The Beep!

I can't quite believe we have had Barney for 4 years today! It feels like we've always had him! I can't remember what life was like without him! Well - Maia was the naughty one. We've had Barney nearly half her life! That's weird.

I sent these pictures to Paul as a good morning while he's away. Aren't I nice?!

I managed to haul myself out of bed after a pretty poor sleep and get myself to work. I couldn't complain about a crap sleep though. T had been out with a friend for her birthday and had polished off 2 bottles of herself. There were 2 of them out and they got through 4 bottles of wine! On a school night! Shocking behaviour!

I guess that shows she's meant to be my friend! :)

The system was down first thing. Again. It's not too bad for T as she can do the typing into a word document and copy and paste it into the system once it re-connects. Me, on the crappy computer, could not do a thing.

So I cleared out J's old desk as it's never really been done since he mysteriously left last November.

Loads of crap paperwork which is irrelevant now. Loads of multi-colour highlighters (we're only supposed to use yellow) and a bouncy ball. WHAT?!

When my Mum used to go gardening when I was a kid, when she attacked the bushes at the bottom of the garden, chances are she'd find a bouncy ball. I found one in a pen tidy. Random!

After work I headed home and prepared for Chris to come over for #Whedonsday! Paul had kindly cooked us a curry on Monday night so we didn't have to starve or eat Beans on toast or something.

We watched some Angel, which was good, and as we were waiting for Paul to get in (he just about made his train!) we prepared to watch Shield! Yes - it's BACK! Very enjoyable indeed!

After Chris left, we cleared up and headed to bed. Barely managed to speak to each other! I didn't have anything exciting to say, so no loss there!



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