Saturday, 4 October 2014

27th September 2014 - Best intentions.

We had a small lie in this morning. I did want to be productive today so we headed over to Speke to do some shopping.

Paul also decided that it was high time we got a new laptop and so we went to look at what was available.

We stood around a well known electronics shop, which I shall call...World of PCs...and we waited. A LONG time.

We were willing to spend quite a bit of money there to get a decent laptop but no one wanted to serve us. So we left.

No Sims 4 for me then!

We headed to a furnishings store to have a look at curtains and other homewares and bought a few things! So the day wasn't a complete disaster!

 A new basket for all my washing goods. Maia approves.

A new laundry basket for the downstairs shower room for all the icky gym kit to be put in before washing! It's not wicker etc so the cats won't be attracted to scratching it like the big one upstairs, and the lid is sturdy enough for a Barney bum! Perfect! If it doesn't last long, it didn't break the bank so it's a winner!

Paul left to go to the football and I had all the best intentions of getting up and getting some cleaning done. Except I felt sick. Very sick. It came on very quickly, so I rested for a little while after taking some medicine.

It helped and I was able to do some of my chores but not as many as I had intended. :(

Paul came home and we were very naughty and ordered a chinese takeaway to accompany our evening of reality tv!

I didn't feel great though, so I didn't really enjoy the takeaway. Shame really. I love chinese food!

We watched some more tv, but it was getting late. I had some more medicine then headed to bed.



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