Sunday, 5 October 2014

28th September 2014 - TV Addict!

So for a complete change in events, I was the first person up today! I was wide awake in bed and Paul was snoozing away. Both kitties were begging for their breakfast and generally being naughty so I got up to feed them, made a brew then settled in front of the tv.

Which is pretty much where I stayed all day!

I finished off the 9/11 documentary I started watching the night before, during which Paul joined me. We then watched Match of the Day, then when that was done we were at a loss. So there was only one thing for it.

Stargate Sunday. Yeah.

We watched a LOT of Stargate today! Paul went to the supermarket during one episode, leaving me to watch it (it wasn't one of his favourites) then we carried on into the evening!

We did stop for snacks.

Very naughty pork pie!

Paul also made dinner between episodes. We were planning a nice pork roast! Paul likes to marinade the meat before it goes in the oven, so he glazed a tenderloin with honey, mustard and soy sauce.

We then watched more tv. Because it's Sunday and them's the rules!

Then came time for X Factor and dinner! Want to see the finished article?!

Roast pork with sage and onion stuffing, crushed winter vegetables and mixed greens.


Yep - that is my plate. I polished off the lot and offer no apology for it!

Once X Factor finished it was time for Downton then bed! I love that show!



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