Thursday, 9 October 2014

2nd October 2014 - drippity drip!

Up and at 'em, as we intended, we went to the gym! We didn't really want to get up but instead we did and were a little smug when we get back.

I wasn't just smug. I was sneezy.

I carried on getting ready for work but that fell to a halt when my sneezing caused my left eye to start watering. A lot. didn't stop all day. Make up was a no no. Not good.

I sat on the bed trying to get my eye to stop enough that I could at least make myself presentable. Maia was not impressed by my lack of feeding her so sat and guarded my every move!

Every tiny move I made to get another tissue made Maia start in case I was getting up to go and feed her! Greedy so and so!

I eventually got to work, looking awful, and carried on with the day as ever. Looking at the monitor was not easy as I kept having to close one eye to try to stop the eye from watering. It was a long day.

The only good thing about this day was the little present I had bought for myself at the weekend arrived to the office!

My new iPod touch! It was only £30 more than the Nano I was replacing so figured 'why not'?!

Isn't it cute?! It's red and shiny and kinda like a very mini iPad! I love it!

The red casing donates some of the charge to an AIDS charity in Africa I believe so it's a good deed for someone else. Plus free engraving! 

That's the difficult bit: choosing what to write. After some deliberating, I decided on something geeky and poignant!

Yeah. The lyrics from the Firefly theme. Lovely sentiment I think.


The rest of the day dragged on. Paul came home after having a rotten day himself so we watched tv, had dinner and watched some more Stargate. Well, I say that, my eye was leaking so much it was easier keeping my eye closed and just listen to the tv.

Yeah, I fell asleep.



  1. I think it is cool. Does that make me a nerd too?

    1. Sure! It's the best way to be, I think! :)
      It was either that or "cat, he's a kitty cat and he dance dance dance and he dance dance dance" but I was ashamed...