Tuesday, 7 October 2014

30th September 2014 - Use It!

Wasn't in the best of moods again this morning after a lousy sleep but to change the record slightly, we went to the gym! I KNOW!

Then, even though I didn't want to go in, I went to work. It was a horrible day. I felt like people were getting at me left right and centre. Can't do right for doing wrong. I tried to top caring about it but that's easier said than done.

Luckily, being so busy means that the days fly by and home time came quite quickly. I did have stuff to do at home as well so couldn't sit around feeling sorry for myself. The ironing wasn't going to do itself.

I have to protect the ironing while I'm doing it otherwise at least one at will curl up on it and cover it in fur / give it more creases / look so cute I can't move them off the ironing!

Paul called me for dinner so I used that as a valid reason to stop ironing for the night!

Paul had noticed a marinade in the cupboard which he had been given as part of a set for Christmas from my brother. It was best before the end of the month so we had best use it, given that this is the end of the month!

It was really nice! Sad we didn't discover it earlier!

We watched the start of the brand new episode of Castle then some more Stargate, then headed to bed once more as I was shattered!



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