Friday, 10 October 2014

3rd October 2014 - Loner!

I still felt crappy this morning so no gym. I really wanted to go as well, which I know sounds strange but hey, I'm strange!

Managed to get through work ok, not really enjoying it but got stuff done which was the main thing. Friday isn't my favourite day ass I have loads of spreadsheets to complete and reports to write. Dullsville!

I was looking forward to a glass of wine or two when I got home. Paul's company were moving office to a new building today so Paul was out on a jolly so I had the whole house to myself and full control of the remote!

Yeah, I was bored, lonely and feeling a little sorry for myself as I wasn't feeling particularly sprightly.

I needed some good comfort food to make me feel better. My favourite comfort food, in fact.

Macaroni and cheese! With extra bacon and mustard. It was...ok. Not as satisfying as I had hoped it would be.

I watched random crap on tv, as there was nothing on I wanted to watch for a while. Then Strictly was on, which was good, then X Factor which was also good. During X Factor, Paul came home a little...tired...

After some small drama haven't straight to bed and I had some more wine, watching some tv. I tried to go to bed but Paul was snoring so loudly I couldn't sleep so I got up again and watched more crap on the tv. At about 2am I figured I was tired enough to go back and try to sleep. I did...for a while...



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