Sunday, 12 October 2014

5th October 2014 - Bodyguards!

Another early start. This shouldn't be allowed on a weekend! Well, to be fair, it was worse for Paul as he actually had to get up and leave the house as he had to go to the football where he was entertaining clients in an executive box at Old Trafford. I stayed in bed and tried to get more sleep. I failed.

I did have company though.

Barney and Maia kept watch while I tried to sleep some more. Very kind of them, don't you agree?

I couldn't lie there in comfort for long. I knew that I had to get stuff done or I wouldn't be very happy with myself.

I headed downstairs, did some washing up then moved into the living room, sweeping the floor and clearing out some old paperwork. I also washed all the blankets that we keep in the pouf in the living room. They haven't been aired or cleaned in a while so it was a good idea.

Maia and Barney tried to help but it all got too much for them and they decided to get cozy on the duvet that we keep downstairs for my tv sleepovers. Yes, they are that frequent!

THEY'RE CUDDLED UP TOGETHER!!! This never happens! This is about as much as they will snuggle but I'll consider this a success! I was very happy about it all day!

Once I had tidied everything that could, I decided to sort out the rest of the paperwork that was hanging around into piles of stuff to be kept and stuff to be shredded. I sat at the coffee table and prepared to work...

Maia put pay to most of the productivity. Every time I sat on the sofa, she came and plonked herself on my knee! This is a lovely treat but it does make doing stuff really difficult! Still, as a cat lover, you can't possibly move a comfortable cat, so I did whatever I could while she was there and when she eventually got bored, I got the rest done. So I didn't get quite as much cleared out as I hoped but at least it was better than nothing!

Paul came home, we ate fake Nandos and watched the results show for Strictly and the last ep of X Factor before the live shows begin.

The countdown to Christmas continues!



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